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Ernest Hemingway's Inspiration for The Old Man and the Sea

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Paige Young

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Ernest Hemingway's Inspiration for The Old Man and the Sea

Ernest Hemingway's Inspiration for
La Terraza
favorite restaurant of Hemingway and Fuentes
makes an appearance in The Old Man and the Sea (The Terrace)
Cojimar, Cuba
seaside fishing village
where Fuentes lived and where Hemingway spent a lot of time
supposedly the setting of the Old Man and the Sea
Gregorio Fuentes
captain of Hemingway's fishing yacht "El Pilar"
good friends, fishing companion
inspiration for Santiago
suggested title of novel
most important inspiration
The Old Man and the Sea
by Paige Young
fished on his boat with Fuentes
Hemingway caught a 1,542 lb sailfish off Peru
" . . . came across an old man in a dory fighting a big fish. Surrounded by sharks, he was immersed in a fierce battle."
offered to help but the old man refused
Anthropology of Cuba
anthropology: n., the study of humankind
Hemingway had an "extensive interest" in anthropology, specifically the culture of Cuba
always "tried to engage with the local community and 'understand the sea' and its 'influence' on the daily life of those who use it"
main theme of The Old Man and the Sea strikes a parallel to Hemingway's life
in 1950, had gone 10 years without writing a novel
"Across the River and Into the Trees"--disaster
Santiago, once a great fisherman, has gone 84 days without catching a fish
Joe DiMaggio
Much of Hemingway's adult life was during WWII
"During World War II, DiMaggio was the most talked about man in America"
Santiago's fixation with DiMaggio reflects Hemingway's interest
Ernest Hemingway with a marlin in the Havana Harbor, 1934
Fuentes in Cojimar, Cuba in 1993, ninety-five years old
Bay of Cojimar
La Terraza Restaurant in Cojimar
Joe DiMaggio, New York Yankees center-fielder
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