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Teaching Tommy

No description

Jacki Bolwerk

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Tommy

By Nick Schmid &
Jacki Bolwerk "Teaching Tommy":
A Case Study on ADHD History Applications Applications Conclusion -Had an unsuccessful first-grade experience
-Was tutored by Ms. Fachin at home before
second grade
*Had a myringotomy and adenoidectomy
-Creative child, like to play and explore
*However, was very fidgety and had difficulty
with reading and writing, especially in a
classroom setting
-Was placed in Ms. Fachin's second grade class
due to her experience with him 1. Time-Out
*Didn't work
2. Positive reinforcement with ignoring negative behavior
*Didn't work 7. Resource Room
*Focused on spelling with Miss Steven, using creative methods
8. In-Class Aide
*Mrs. Hellwell was most beneficial to Ms. Fachin
9. Relaxation Techniques
*Breathing exercises were somewhat useful
10. Peer Tutoring
*Allowed his classmates to help control Tommy's behavior
11. Changing placement option
*No special education classes in the district
12. Medication
*Ritalin dramatically changed his behavior
in the classroom for the last month of school - "I think my devil killed my angel"

- Ms. Fachin believes that medication
should be used as a last resort
*Comprehensive behavioral and
academic programs should be tried first

- In more standard cases, the applications
tried in this study would be more successful Behaviors -Disruptive student in the classroom
*Sang and made loud noises
*Crawled on the floor
*Injured other children
*Would not clean up
*Intentionally fall out of his chair
*Leave his desk
*Impatient with no attention 3. Token Economy in the classroom
*Showed some progress, although minimal
4. Token Economy at home
*Reinforced the progress, still not enough
5. Instructional Support Teacher, Mrs. DeVito
*Great progress in reading due to fast-paced instruction
6. IEP
*Individualized Education Program
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