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"Lineage" , "The Courage That My Mother Had"

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me 12

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of "Lineage" , "The Courage That My Mother Had"

"Lineage" and "The Courage That My Mother Had."
The purpose for writing this poem
Stanza is a group or two more lines in a pattern that is repeated throughout a poem. For example of stanza in the “Lineage” is “My grandmothers were strong. They followed plows and bent to toil. They moved through fields sowing seed. They touched earth and grain grew. They were full of sturdiness and singing. My grandmothers were strong. “(609)

In this poem there
wasn't any rhyme.
Mubasshira Mumin
7th Hour
“Lineage” is about a girl that wants to be
like her grandmothers. They were very
talented on the work they do. They
were also very strong. She also said her
grandmothers were very pretty. The girl is
upset that she is not like her grandmothers.
She wants to be strong and pretty just like them.

"Lineage" was written
she was born on July 6, 1915, Birmingham, AL.
She died on November 30, 1998, Chicago, IL.
The purpose for writing these poems, was to entertain and inform the audience that their past is important and it matters.
In this poem there
wasn't any rhyme.
"The courage that my mother had." was writtern
By: Edna St. Vincent Millay
She was Born February 22, 1892,
Rockland, ME
She Died October 19, 1950,
Austerlitz, NY

Second part
example of stanza from the poem “The courage that my mother had” “The courage that my mother had went with her, and is with her still: rock from New England quarried; now granite in a granite hill.”
“The Courage That My Mother Had” is about a girl who lost her mom. When the mom died, she left her a brooch. She really treasured it more than anything. However, she would spare the brooch for what she really need most, which is courage. Her mother had courage.

"The courage that my mother had" ~~~~~~
---------"The courage that my mother had"---------
Compare and Contrast both of the poems.

Both of the poems talked about their ancestors and how they want to be just like them. however they both have two different backgrounds and the both want to have to different things from their ancestors.
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