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MD with Distinction in Research and Research Electives

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SOM Research

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of MD with Distinction in Research and Research Electives

MD with Distinction in Research
Connecting the pieces
Today we'll cover two research opportunities available on campus that will enrich your medical school education, provide professional experience, as well as improve your competitiveness for residency
- Research Electives INTD 4210, 4211, 4212
Research Elective
INTD 4210, 4211, 4210
The goal of this elective is to
1. immerse students in a rich scholarly environment,
2. provide an opportunity to work with research/faculty mentors,
3. fully engage in a scholarly research process from writing the proposal, to collecting the data, to disseminating results.

This distinction acknowledges medical students who demonstrate a dedicated commitment to enriching their medical education with independent research while maintaining high academic standards during medical school.
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Medical Student

With Jennifer Sharpe Potter, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Associate Dean for Research
- MD with Distinction in Research
Research is completed in blocks of four (4) weeks that can be combined over the four year medical school curriculum, if approved by the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) and SOM Research Office.

Students will receive a “pass/fail” grade for each four (4) week elective they complete.

An off-campus (non-UTHSCSA or UTSPH) mentor is allowable, but must be approved by the SOM Research Office.

Students must submit their completed application for this elective rotation no later than four (4) weeks prior to the start of the rotation.
Emailed Questions
Maintain minimum GPA of 3.25
Mentor must be a UTHSCSA faculty member
Complete at least one Medical Student Research Elective course (INTD 4210, 4211, or 4212)
Present a poster at
Passport Poster Day for Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows
during medical school
Document at least 640 hours of research activity during medical school. Acceptable documentation includes completion of a real-time progress log or a summary certified by the faculty mentor.
Produce and submit to the review committee a scientific manuscript based on the student's research that is suitable for a peer-reviewed journal
Complete an intent to apply form to document mentoring plan by September 1 of MS3 year (exceptions for late applications will be considered)
Submit their application packet by September 1 of their MS4 year for inclusion of the distinction in their residency letter from UME OR by December 1 of their MS4 year for acknowledgement on their diploma only.
Can work done under another program (i.e. MSTAR, MD/MPH, MD/PhD) count towards the elective or distinction?
For elective projects and the MD with Distinction work, can two people work on the same project? Can one application, presentation, or paper be submitted for both?
For the MD with Distinction, do the hours of research I already completed before I submitted my application count towards the distinction? What hours can be counted towards it and what hours cannot?
The project I'm working on is longitudinal, and definitely longer than 4 weeks--can it be used for research elective?
I need IRB approval. Can I submit my research elective application pending IRB approval?
For the research elective, how many hours does it count for? How much time should I commit to the elective?
Additional Questions?
Additional details, applications, and forms available online at
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