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No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of NIC BRADSHAW

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 and 3
In chapter two and three, one of the servants named Junis wanted to start going train jumping. Junis wanted to do that because nobody hired servants in the great depression. However, Frances had only one relative alive named Aunt Bushnell. That meant that Frances had to take a train from her home in Philadelphia to Aunt Bushnell in Chicago. The catch is that Frances wants to be a hobo like Junis and jump trains.
Chapter 4 and 5
In chapter four and five, it starts off with Frances thinking she doesn't want to go Aunt Bushnell's home. Also she wants to go tramping because she has nothing to lose. Later on, Frances gets her ticket for the train for Chicago. Shortly after that, Frances get on train and lies to the train driver that she'll take a later train, while she trades in her ticket. Meanwhile, train driver ordered a taxi to drive Frances back home. However, Frances jumped out of the taxi and ran for the tracks!
Chapter 6 and 7
Chapters six and seven started off as Frances running to the train tracks. When she makes it to the train yard, she gets stopped by a guard. The guard stopped her from going into the train and made her leave. After that, Frances went to a store and bought boy clothes. She lied to the store clerk by saying it was for her "twin brother". Next, Frances ran back to train yard and slipped on a train. On the train Frances met a hobo named "Stew pot". Then Stew pot named Frances "Frankie Blue". They were off on the train!
Chapters 8-10
At the beginning of chapter eight, Frances and Stew pot survived Frances first night on the train. However peeing was a problem for Frances because she was hiding her real gender from Stew pot. Later in the chapter, Stew pot jumped in a lake nude and wanted Frankie to jump in. The catch is that Frances didn't want to do it naked, so she kept he underwear on. After that in the next chapter Stew pot showed Frances the other hobos and the jungle. Frances said couldn't remember being happier!
Chapters 11-13
At the beginning of chapter eleven, Frances and Stew pot decided to head out west. Then Stew pot and Frances went around begging for food, eventually they got bread. Shortly after that, Frances told stew pot how much money she had, so Stew pot made Frances get a pocket knife. Next, Frances and Stew pot were headed to St. Louis then make way to Montana. On the way to the train Frances barely makes it on. Lastly, While riding the train she realizes that shes selfish.
Chapters 14-16
At the start of chapter fourteen, Frances is urging to tell stew pot that shes a girl, but doesn't. In their boxcar Frances and Stew pot found oranges. Then Frances read Stew pot the "Huckleberry Finn" book. Next, when Stew pot and Frances were train jumping, Frances got hurt. After they got off the train, they got let into a house and got food and a pair of pants. Lastly, they were on the way to St. Louis.
At the start of Chapter seventeen Frankie saw seven men hobos beat up a girl hobo. Then came the realization of everything. Stew pot knew Frankie was rich and a girl. The thing is that Stew pot realized that. Then Stew pot reveals that his name is James Haskell. Next, Frances and Stew pot get arrested for one night. Then they were headed to Iowa. After that, Frances and Stew pot stopped at a mission, and got separated. Then soon reunited. They hated the mission, so left after lunch.
End of Book!
Bradshaw's Nowhere to call home Timeline
BY: Nic Bradshaw
In chapter one, it started off the great depression. An rich father, daughter named Frances, and servants, in Philadelphia had an great life until, the stock market crashed. Which led to Frances dad's business to go bankrupt. After that, France's dad shot himself. Then Frances became an orphan and the servants became jobless.
Chapters 20-24
At the beginning of chapter os chapter twenty, Frances didn't want to be a hobo anymore. Also Frances wanted to go to Aunt Bushnell's but Stew pot didn't want to. Then Stew pot became really sick and had a lot of spaz outs. Next, Frances and Stew pot made it to a Hoover ville in Montana. Lastly, Stew pot died.
Chapters 25-26
At the beginning of chapter twenty five, Frances became Depressed and denial on Stew pot's death. Then when Frances buried Stew pot she played "Amazing Grace" on her harmonica. Frances wanted to be normal again. Lastly, Frances made it to her aunts house and became a brand new person.
Chapter 17-19
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