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Cast Two Shadows: Ann Rinaldi

No description

Marc McGrane

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of Cast Two Shadows: Ann Rinaldi

Cast Two Shadows: Ann Rinaldi
Section 1
Section 2
Caroline gets permission to leave the small room she had been imprisoned in for a month to send for maid Melindy to make she-crab soup. Miz Melindy is actually Caroline's grandmother. Caroline is the cast of two shadows because she is interracial.
Section 3
Caroline realizes Miz Melindy is old and can't keep up in the kitchen alone. She convinces Lord Rawdon to let her help. A soldier is stationed in the kitchen to taste food first in case it is poisoned. Caroline talks often with the soldier and learns of executions and horrible crimes. Later Caroline learns her "almost brother" Johnny has been whipped by the British at Charleston. She plots to find a way to get him and bring him home, by convincing Lord Rawdon that her brother could be useful as a spy to the British. She also convinces Rawdon to provide her a wagon, mule, provisions and let Miz Melindy ride with her. Her own mother who agrees to become the cook.

By: Marc McGrane
Cast Two Shadows starts off with Caroline in the Revolutionary time era. Quickly her house is taken over by british soldiers. She and her family are confined to one room on their plantation. Her rebellious father has been taken to jail. There is talk of brutality by the british. Lord Rowdon wants she-crab soup, badly.
"We'd been confined to one chamber upstairs, the three of us, since June first. Since Cornwallis came and threw my daddy in jail" (Rinaldi, 9).
"Reflection convinces me, madam, that enemies should not be allowed any conveniences"(Rinaldi, 14).
This is the worst day of my life. I was just going for a horse back ride. This terrible war changed everything! All we were doing was watching the war, we didnt realize we were in the middle of it. Kit's hanging from a tree, Sam's head is on a stick, and I'm stuck in this small room with my family. Every man here is a stranger...
song: Over my head (cable car) - The Fray
Section 1
"You cast two, because your real mama, who died, was part negra. And Miz Melindy is your grandma"(Rinaldi, 37).

"You have the best qualities from two races"(Rinaldi, 37).
It felt soo good to get outside, but our plantation is ruined. There are soldiers all around. I'm worried for my horse. I don't want Lord Rowdon to steal him. I passed my grandfather who scolds at me. It reminds me of the embarrassment I am to people ,because I'm two races.
Point of view
Point of view
"THERE WAS a method to my madness"(Rinaldi, 54).

"In all the years I'd been part of the family, Mama had never reffered to my real mother. Or the fact that I was not hers. Never had I felt that I truly belonged, though I was treated like a daughter"(Rinaldi, 87).
Point of Veiw
I soon realized that our maid, Miz Melindy couldn't keep up in the kitchen, with all these soldiers to feed, alone. Lord Rawdon has a soldier taste all his food to make sure we arent poisoning him. One soldier even opened up to me. Saying that executions and crimes are going on. My "almost brother" johnny has been whipped in Charleston. I'm trying to think of a way to get him home. Maybe if i tell Lord Rawdon that johnny would be a useful spy for the british. I convinced Rawdon to provide a mule, wagon, provisions and let Melindy and my Mother to come along. My mom is the cook now.
Section 4
Caroline prepares for her journey with the help of Miz Melindy. She wonders what conversations will be brought up since shes alone with Melindy. While on their journey, they meet a woman and four children whos house had been burned down. They help her get to her uncles house. Meanwhile, Caroline decides she will no longer lie about her family relationship with Miz Melindy.
"Will she tell me? What else will she tell me if i ask? There is so much behind those eyes of hers"(Rinaldi, 93).

"No more lying to myself about that either"(Rinaldi, 103).
Point of View
Everyone loves Johnny and is helping me to make this journey. I wonder if Miz Melindy will tell me the family secrets. We met a woman along the way that was affected by the war. Her house had been burned down by the british, and she was left with her kids. We brought her close to her uncles, before resuming our journey. I have decided to be honest about my grandmother and that I am a patriot.
Free- Zac Brown Band
Dirty Paws- Of Monsters And Men
Section 5
On their journey they encounter another woman. This woman holds them all at gunpoint. She holds them prisoner in her barn overnight. After Caroline breaks out in tears because shes so overwhelmed, Melindy opens up. She tells her about her mother and father and Miz Melindy's life.
"She isn't dead, is she? You must tell me Miz Melindy... I want to know"(Rinaldi, 123).

"everytime my mind took a new turn, the fact of my still-alive slave mother was there, hanging inside me,getting nthe way of things"(Rinaldi,129).
Point of View
Just as we get back on out journey we get held up by another woman. This one had a gun! She made us go with her to her barn, then locked us up over night. I cant help but cry. Everything is just so overwhelming! Why is this all happening to me!? I am slowly learning more and more about my past and relations with my family. My real family.
Buddha( Sleep through the static)
- Jack Johnson
My tears are becoming a sea- M83
Section 6
Summary/ Response
Caroline and Miz Melindy find Johnny his slave Cephas in hiding. Melindy gives them both medicine. Caroline shares all she has learned about the war to Johnny. Including her family secrets. She convinces Johnny to come home. Johnny comes up with an idea to blackmail Rawdon.
"Oh, immortal, sweet God, they were there. They're still alive"(Rinaldi, 147).

"Riding along in the wagon I thought of how different all our lives are now"(Rinaldi, 165).
Point of View
I cant belive we found Johnny! Alive at that! He told us he was in hiding. I convinced him to come back with us. On the way back I told him about the war. Miz Melindy told Johnny about the family secrets. A ways way in Johnny had an idea to trick Rawdon. We would have Johnny "spy" and tell Rawdon where to go, but really leave him right in the middle of the war! I hope everythimg works out...
You Found Me- The Fray
Section 7
The group (Caroline, Johnny, Cephas, and Melindy) are traveling back. They have been making sure to keep slow and take caution so that the british don't find them. On the way they meet ANOTHER woman, Agnes, who has malaria. Johnny wants to help and bring her home. Melindy treats her malaria. By the time they reached Carolina, Agnes had died.
"What will Johnny say when he finds mama cooking for Rawdon"(Rinaldi, 173).

"I felt a sense of triumph. I'd done it! I'd brought my brother and Cephras home"(Rinaldi, 186).
Point of View
The journey has been a slow one. We ran into yet another woman, named Agnes. She had malaria. Johnny wanted to take her home with us to help her, but Melindy just healed her right on the spot. On the way I told Johnny that mom was cooking for Rawdon. Georgia Ann eats with him.
Home- Jack Johnson
Section 8
Summary/ Response
There was a burial of Agnes. Caroline wonders if she died due to suffocating underneath the wagon cover. A small funeral was held, and Johnny makes Georgia Ann attend. Johnny hopes she will see how the British treat their women. Caroline feels all the ghosts inside her left and life returned to her body. She couldn't believe how close she got to her Grandmother.
"It had been a special time for us, like she said. And now it was over"(Rinaldi,192).

"And my spirit was cast down already I didn't think it had much further to go. I was wrong. There always depths inside us that we do not know exist until thepossiblities are opened to us"(Rinaldi,205).
Point of View
Did i kill Agnes? I wonder if she died suffocating underneath the wagon cover. What if she just... died. Like her heart just stopped ticking. We are having a funeral for her. Johnny practically forced Georgia Ann to come. He wanted he to see how British treat women. I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders, like the demons inside me are free.
The Funeral- Band of Horses
Section 9
Summary/ Response
Johnny plans to have dinner with Rawdon to discuss business. Melindy felt sick and collapsed. The family learned that Carolines father had been shipped off to a prison in Barbados. Rawdon realizes Johnny may be a traitor and refuses to let Caroline and Mama leave.
" I'm on a mission tonight. Rawdon thinks it's for him. But it's to help Sumter... there will be repercussions, so you must leave before he finds out"(Rinaldi,213).

" It's the first step in grownig up, Caroline, putting your own feelings aside and tend to business at hand"(Rinaldi, 217)
Point of View
Johnny and I were talking earlier and he said hes gunna ha dinn with Rawdon tonight. I hope that goes well. Miz Melindy has been feeling a little sick and today she collapsed! As a famiy we learned that Father has been moved to a prison in Barbados. I think Rawdon realized that Johnny may be a traitor. Now my mother and I can't leave!
Be My Escape- Relient K
Section 10(19-21)
Summary/ Response
Rawdon sent Georgia Ann to Charleston as his "doxie" in a gifted carriage. The British are planning to destroy everything, take horses, livestock, and burn down the plantation. Private Brandon, the red coat from the kitchen, is going to help Caroline and her Mom escape. Isom is about to get whipped, until he tells the location of the horses. Caroline tells the location to save Isom, but feels upset because her favorite horse will be taken way. The family explains its for the best.
"We've got each other Isom... and weve got our honor. which is more than they have"(Rinaldi, 243).

"And so Mama and I ran through the nigh with the British private while our home burned behind us"(Rinaldi, 256).
Point of View
Georgia Ann left with Rawdon. We were left behind. The British plan to burn down our house, take our lives stock, and steal our horse. Private Brandon, the soldier from the kitchen, said he would help us escape. Isom was about to get wipped unless Rawdon foundout the location of the horses. I felt bad for Isom, so i told Rawdon where the horses were. I felt so bad because now my favorite horse, Fearnaughnt, would be taken. My family reassurred me that it was for the best.
Carry On.- Fun
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