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The Storytellers

No description

Yuanli Li

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of The Storytellers

The Needs Assessment
Group 4
Put people first
Strive for the best
Listen then act decisively
Safe and nurturing environment

2 Facilities
50 employees
30 residents
5 Core Values
30 full-time care managers
Result 2
Result 1
Interviews of care managers on 3 different shifts:
6 am - 2 pm
2 pm - 10 pm
10 pm - 6 am
Interview Topics include:
Likes and dislikes of job and work environment
Cultural differences
Personal motivation
Suggestions for improvement
Administered Compassion Fatigue Scale (Gentry, Baranowsky, & Dunning, 2002)

Improve communication
Learn about occupational safety
Understand the role of the caregiver in Alzheimer's Disease progression.
“I feel appreciated by the residents, but not by staff/administration.”
“[there are] no open lines of communication.”
Short-term plan
Long-term plan

Personal feedback system

Monthly appreciation potluck/Birthday acknowledgments

Employee of the month

SBAR Pass Down Log [during shift changes]
Formal education training program
credentials DCNA
free for The Forum employees
offered onsite
span over 13 weeks
Introduction to Dementia - 2 credits
Documentation and Communication Procedures - 2 credits
Nursing Clinical Practice - 4 credits
Admission criteria
at least 2 years experience as CNA
personal interest in becoming credentialed essay
3 letters of reference
Application form
The Storytellers
Falah Adnan
Speech & Language
Elizabeth Frost
Social Worker
Yolanda Barrett
Social Worker
Kristin Hulin Gil
Occupational Therapist
Virginia Night
Occupational Therapist
Malika Mitchell
Andrew Mulder
Yuanli Li
Adina Schulz
Short-term Plan
Long-term Plan
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