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2013 inbound marketing strategies

No description

Dee Corpuz

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of 2013 inbound marketing strategies

2013 DGBV
Inbound Marketing Strategies by:
Kali Schwenk
Dee Saelee What is Social Media? Why should companies use social media for business purposes? What Social Media sites should we use? Common Terms used Online - A web and/or mobile technology that allows for communication between people from around the world. A tag used in social networks as a way to annotate a message which is a word or phrase preceded by a “#”.
For example:

#DGBV #InteriorDesign #DGBV #InteriorDesign
#MargeCarson Why is Hashtag so important? - Creates search engines within social media sites Created from "Web log", a blog is
a description of an event, idea, or lifestyle which is created regularly through writing, graphics, or video. Inbound Marketing - A persmission based marketing style using internet tools such as SEO, blogging, social media, email marketing, etc to find customers and leads.

-It is the complete opposite of "Outbound Marketing" which is TV commercials, printed flyers, trade shows, and cold calling. Timeline Trending Viral Marketing Statistics

-94% of businesses are using Social Media for business purposes.

-59% of businesses that use Social Media spend 6 hours or more.

-85% of marketers say the top benefit of Social Media is increased exposure.

-69% say increased traffic to website.

-58% who have been using social media in the passed 3 years has increased sales.

-22% of businesses have a dedicated social media manager.

-47% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow or like. Pinterest Statistics

-Pinterest is the third most popular social network.

-60% are female.

-80% of our "A and B" age groups are on pinterest. Twitter Statistics

-55 million tweets are sent out each day.

-600 million queries are pushed through Twitters search engine everyday.

-105,779,710 are registered users.

-180 million unqiue visitors each month. Facebook Statistics

-42% of marketers say Facebook is important to their business.

-Auto-posting to Facebook deceases likes and comments by 70%.

-80% of Social Network users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook. Instagram Statistics

-5 million images are uploaded every day.

-575 likes per second A list of events a blogger displays in chronological order on social media sites. A popular topic on a social media site. A topic, image, or video that is gaining a great number of views in a little amount of time. Micro-Blog

A smaller form of blog Newsfeed A display of events, thoughts, ideas, images, and videos posted by friends on media sites. Hashtag 2013 Plan - Committed to spend (at least) 1 hour a day updating social media sites.

-Have designers send pictures and thoughts of seminars or meetings with Vendors. - Have designers and receivers send pictures of installs. - Every Thursday, we will ask designers what projects we can take pictures of and upload them to sites and discuss updates of what is happening online. Design Galleria by Valentine - Gain increased exposure -Communicate with clients - Gain better quality leads - Increase store traffic - Increase Sales - Increase revenue Blog
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