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Aloha Hawaii

No description

Amanda Hui

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of Aloha Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii
Amanda Hui 5E (5)
Ms. Angus (5E)
Ms. Fung (4C)

one of the fifty states of America
group of islands located in Pacific ocean
tropical islands with average temparature 75 degrees Farenheit
fascinating culture, wonderful nature education, best tourist attractions
Cultural :
Bishop Museum
most Polynesian culture

more than 2,400,000 Hawaiian artifacts

learn about the art style and traditions
Cultural : Pearl Harbour
The start of world war 2
was suddenly attacked by the Japanese
now have museums, gift shops and book shop about the event
Nature Education : Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Manua Kea - tallest mountain in the world
Hawaii's special because can see volcano close distance
most volcanoes are dormant
Year 5 can learn about volcanoes

Thank You
Works Cited
Ariyosi, Rita. Hawaii. Washington: National Geographic,2009. Print.

Martha, Jeanne Cooper, and Shannon Wianecki. Frommer's Hawaii 2015. N.p., 2015. Print
Nature Education : Sea Life park
Keikamalu the wholefin (whale cross dolphin)
Animal shows, penguins, dolphins...
large variety of different exotic sea animals
Year 5 can learn about exotic sea animals of Hawaii
Tourist Attractions : Nature Trails
150 miles of different nature trails
includes flower trails, bird watching trails and volcano trails
Must see Sandalwood trail (bird watching trail)
Learn about animals in their own habitat
Tourist Attractions : Horseback Riding
rides from working ranch to ocean through forest
can see volcano and
Kona coastline
Year 5 can learn how to ride a horse
enjoy the ride
Best place to go Year 5 study tour
Special because of its volcanoes
Year 5 can learn geography of volcanoes
most fun tourist attractions, amazing nature, fascinating culture
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