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No description

Vane Buelna

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of BookPresentation:3

Diary of a
Wimpy Kid 2 Jeff Kinney
Vanessa Buelna The Story... Conclusion Movie Trailer The story continued when: Main Characters: Secondary Characters: About... Greg Heffley:
The wimpy kid.

Rodrick Heffley:
The annoying brother. Susan: the mum.

Frank: the dad.

Many: the little brother.

Rowley: Greg's best friend. Greg took the option to write another diary, the reason
why he wrote his first, was because his mum buy it for him, but he liked it and as you know what happened to the other diary, he began another to continue writing about
his adventures. Greg find it difficult every day because he isn't
the perfect and smart boy, and he gets in trouble
easily, at home and in the college he always tries to make everything all right but at the end a problem is waiting for him. First Book In the first book, Greg
had a diary where he wrote all
about his life and awkward
moments, so when Rodrick
found it, he stole it and was
threatening Greg to read it, but
Greg took it off and threw it
to de toilet for no one
to read it. Jeffrey "Jeff" Kinney
(born February 19, 1971)
is an American game designer,
cartoonist, producer, and author
of children's books including
the Diary of a Wimpy Kid
book series. The author: Movie
comparatives: Movie In the movie Rodrick stole Greg's diary
while Greg was asleep. In the book he snatched it off Greg while he was writing in it.
The party Rodrick threw was shown while in the novel, it was not seen.
Rodrick was the cause of Greg getting chocolate on his pants in the book was Manny. Book Greg got carried out of the ladies room by a security guard, in the book he got out by his own.
The door on the bathroom said "Hi Rodrick" and in the movie ''Rodrick Rules'' as the tittle of the movie Vocabulary
Words: hassle
confer promotion
ad-lib humiliate
gimmick blubbering
toughen up weaklings
naive dim-witted
demo tape
crestfallen bounded
come upon
igniter grievance
beholden Greg had a lot of awkward moments since the beginning of the story, but in this book he shows how he suffers having a brother like Rodrick, he always make difficult Greg's life The Diary of a
Wimpy Kid 2 The Diary of a
Wimpy Kid 2 The end. My opinion I think this book is funny but sometimes too silly, I like it, and I recommend this book because it´'s entertaining and different.
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