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MUG - Mobile Learning

February 2013 Instructional Design SIG meeting

Chase Masters

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of MUG - Mobile Learning

How is it being used at U-M? Apps to Manage Student Life Apps to Connect with Academic Resources Presenting with mobile devices Gamifying the classroom Interactive, anytime learning Creating media-driven course projects Responding with mobile devices U-M Mobile
Users Group What is mobile learning? Mobile Learning First, some basic stats Tips and best practices Strategy How is it being used elsewhere? Mobile Services How to get started Questions? What is "Mobile"? Laptops? Tablets? Smart phones? Phablets?? So then, what is mobile learning? > Any sort of learning that happens when the learner is not at a fixed, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies.* What makes it unique? Institutional Apps Mobile in the Classroom "All the Other Kids"
iPad video
J. Lindsay Brown | MFA Candidate 2013: Choreography | School of Music, Theatre, and Dance | University of Michigan | 240.994.9838 http://www.instructionblog.com/mobileusers/ Accessibility Sensors & features User-generated, informal, & fun Collaborative & learner-centric Built-in accessibility features
Voiceover, Siri, zoom, invert colors, speak selection, tactile buttons, large text, stereo headset, audible, visible, and vibrating alerts, etc.
FaceTime, closed captioning, iMessage, mono audio, visible and vibrating alerts, TTY support, etc.
Physical & motor skills
AssistiveTouch, tactile buttons, intelligent keyboard with predictive text entry, automatic sync, etc. Context awareness (GPS, compass, etc.)
Scvngr, ARIS, augmented reality, "checking in," etc.
Built-in sensors
Touch, motion, device orientation, and more.
3rd party hardware
Bluetooth devices, connecting via WiFi, and more. * MOBIlearn: Guidelines for learning in a mobile environment Start Small mobileapps.umich.edu Make sure the addition of mobile tech is actually adding to the task at hand
Minimize the number of apps used
Minimize the process (no complicated chains) Misc BYOD
Do all students have a device?
How to deal with differences in OS?
Cross-platform apps, or functional equivalents University Provided
How will devices be managed?
MDM suites are still maturing.
iOS has "iPhone Configuration Utility"
Cost and sustainability? Test access to WiFi and data connections if an activity depends on it in a certain area.
GPS/Locative apps only accurate to about 10-foot radius. Plan geolocation activities accordingly.
QR codes as alternative to GPS for fine location activities.
Student purchases of apps for class should be thought of like buying pencils or notebook paper. Image provided by Calgary Herald Additional information and resources: http://bit.ly/mobilelearningnotes https://www.coursera.org/umich Immediate Feedback Student responds Instructor receives all replies - an instant snapshot Also join our Community! Current
Availability mobile web page InkSurvey New Opportunities Inside and Outside the Classroom Course Correspondents
[VoiceThread, Skype, cameras] iPadJournos
- Journalism students were loaned iPads for the semester with list of required apps to purchase

- complete packages posted on local station's website Today's presenters:
Chase Masters – Instructional Support Services, LSA
Lauren Atkins – Instructional Support Services, LSA
Shawn Sieg – Human Resources
Britain Woodman – University Library
Johnathon Beals – Language Resource Center, LSA
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