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Odyssey Girl Up Club

No description

Kayla KW

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Odyssey Girl Up Club

Odyssey Girl Up Club

What is Girl Up?
A United Nations organization that works with girls in America to create better situations for girls who are not as lucky in other countries.
Did you know...
90% of every dollar given to a girl in a growing country goes back to her community or family, while a boy only uses 40% of his dollar for his community
50% of all gender-related violence happens to girls under the age of 15
Girls who receive an education marry later, have fewer children and are more likely to look for health care options for their families.
Why American girls?
Leadership opportunities
Educating future leaders / generations
Strong, educated girls
Exposure to global cultures
By joining or creating a club, we are going to be making a
difference in the world,
rather than just talking
about doing something
What makes our club so special?
SECOND club in Oregon!
FIRST middle school club in Oregon!
Odyssey's values of teamwork and mixed ages
8th Grade Legacy
Collaborate with RHS Club/Teen Advisor Sarah Gordon
Once every 2 weeks, 45 minutes to an hour
5 members to begin
At school, 678 classroom/Library
"Get out what you give in"
5 "activities/events"
fundraisers, letter-writing drive, awareness week, presentations...
2 term reports, December and June
MVM-Most Valuable Member
Attendance All-Star
Funding Fairy
Creativity Queen

awards, not just paper! :)

Public Relations
How will our first term look?
First meeting
Board positions
Ideas for events
Second meeting
Planning for the first event
Hang out
Third meeting
Begin Event 1 OR informational hangout
Fourth meeting
Recap Event 1
Movie night
Plan for Event 2
Fifth meeting
Begin Event 2
Begin semester report
Plan end of semester party
Sixth meeting
Finnish semester report
Reward System
Attending meetings-
1 point
Selling bracelets-
2 points per bracelet sold
Helping with events-
1 to 5 points depending on participation
Our 5 Events
Bracelet Fundraiser
Activities with the 345/K12 Clusters
Flash-mob w/RHS Club
Letter Drive
(in no particular order)
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