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Gender and Modern Media


amanda merchant

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Gender and Modern Media

This ad for Dolce and Gabbana is extremely sexist in favor of men. The men in this ad are portrayed as very dominant, especially the man posing sexually over the woman who is acting very submissively. Ads like this one which show men as more powerful and women as weak and submissive add to the social stereotypes we encounter on a daily basis. This is an overwhelming example of sexist advirtising where the women is shown in a negative manner. She is seen to be the stereotypical, overbearing wife who will not allow her husband a moment of silence. Because of social stereotypes like this one, we learn to think of specific groups of people in certain ways, all because of sexist media. This ad for ZU shoes is sexist in a different way than the previous examples. In this ad, the woman is shown as dominant while the men are submissive. This ad is designed to appeal to women by showing them as strong and independant. As an ad for alcohol, this company must appeal to a specific audience. This add is appealing to a female audience by being sexist against men and showing that in an "abslout world' men would be easy to control and women would be able to construct their dream male. This shows women in a very favorable light in which they are powerful and in control of what they want. Here is an example of an ad for a car that is sexist against women. The woman here is shown as materialistic, simple, and somewhat fearful of driving the car. The ad is aiming to sell the car on the basis that it is simple to operate which puts women in a bad light by saying that women are not capable of operating even simple machines. Gender and the Modern Media By: Amanda Merchant This image presents another example of an ad that utilizes sex appeal and sexism to portray a message. The woman is shown in another stereotypical position that suggests power and dominance. This sexist advirtisement gives viewers an idea of what an attractive woman should look like which adds to the negative aspects of our society. This advertistment is another example of images in our society that are sexist against women. The man shown is standing in a position of power over the woman. His suit is also another example of his potential professional power and success as well. The women shown is in a very submissive position under the man which shows another example of how women are supposed to act. The woman is also gazing up at the man as though he is a very controling factor. This ad for Sky Vodka also uses sex appeal like some of the other examples in order to sell their product. Due: Monday, December 21 Given that research shows there is a significant difference in the social standing of females and males in our society, does mainstream pop-culture contribute to this difference or bring men and women toward a more equal standing?
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