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The Story of Jesus.net


Top Chrétien

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of The Story of Jesus.net

Who, when and why?
Eric Célérier & Jan-Willem Bosman
10 years ago
Vision:"Reaching the lost with Internet"
What is already available?
English: KG, WJ
Chinese: KG
Spanish: KG
French: KG, WJ
German: KG, WJ
Hindi: KG, WJ
Portuguese: KG, WJ
Arabic: KG, WJ
Italian: KG
Japanese: KG, WJ
Russian: KG
Turkish: KG, WJ
Dutch: KG, WJ
Polish: KG, WJ
Iran (Farsi): KG, WJ
Hebrew: KG, WJ
Norwegian: KG, WJ
Romanian: WJ
Bulgarian: WJ
Czech: KG, WJ
What are the goals?
Developing Jesus.net in 40 languages by 2015
250 million visits
25 million decisions for Christ through KnowingGod
10 million discipled through WhyJesus?
5 million joined churches
Any questions?
A few Stats
Over 100 million visits
Over 9 million decisions to accept Christ sacrifice
Over 2,000 trained e-coaches in 22 languages
Over 30 partner organizations
Angelica, Mexico city
Kimberly, The Netherlands
Mariana, Nazareth, Israel
Marie-France, France
The Jesus.net
DNA is
To FACILITATE online the spiritual journey of people searching for God.
To ENCOURAGE our online audience to experience the power of community through online and offline connections with followers of Jesus.
To STIMULATE the creative potential of our partners and become more effective by working together to increase the impact of Jesus.net.
The story of
Online church
My Story
Please, take this 1mn survey:

2 ways to keep in touch:

1. Come and see me
2. Email me : eric@jesus.net

It is a story about:
People, Partners and Process
Seeker Driven
Jesus Only
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