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Night Theme

A reason to survive

aury gonzalez

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Night Theme

Night's Theme "A human being needs a future to strive for, or a beloved to live for, or else they will lose the will to survive". Is there a goal that you refuse to leave this earth without having in your grasp? Is there someone that you love so dearly, they give you your very existance? Then you have the same mindset as and human on our earth; The same indset as Elizer.. •"I was a body. Perhaps less than that even: a starved stomach. The stomach alone was aware of the passage of time."
- Elie Wiesel, Night, Ch. 4

•"After my father's death, nothing could touch me anymore."
- Elie Wiesel, Night, Ch. 9
Eliezer had suffered the ultimate loss after his father's death.
Not even the loss of his own life contains the significance of his father's prescence. His father was the only loved one he still had and was quickly torn from him by the ignorance of the world around him. With this final bond to his existance gone, Eliezer seemed to lose not only his beloved one, but his reason to survive The world, being made up of virtually blind creatures called humans.They can see their physical world, but are unable to see the pain and suffering in others around them. They are incapable of feeling for another and are truely a race of ignorance. As we live our lives we define our place within it and set down our paths. Along those paths, we also gain loved ones to accompany us to the end of our journey. With our path for life gone, and those who joined us faded from our presence, we lose everything. We have no one to go and no one to sit in the darkness with us. It is then we become truely vulnerable and no longer wish to survive. The concentration camps took everything that had a meaning to him, like his family, friends, dreams, and especially his relationship with God, but eliezer proved to be more stronger than that. While his father was still alive in the concentration camps, he became Eliezer's reason to live. He knew that his father could not survive without him. That became his new purpose: be his father protector. After his father's death, Eliezer only thought of his ration of bread and soup. Nothing else mattered to him anymore. When he earned his freedom he "wondered what can I do now?", and is amazing how much progress he had made since then. Even though, this experience might have destroyed Eliezer's life, he had become a great example to others. With his books he had spread the ideas of peace and equality to people everywhere. Thanks to his hard work he had earned the Peace Nobel Prize. He and his wife keep contributing to the world by founding the Foundation for Humanity, that combats violence and injustice to people all around the world. He also became the Founding Chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council This quote means that human beings are more willing to survive when they have a purpose in life. If They loose it, then life will become meanless and melancholic. "Everyone has a purpose in life!" By Tyler, Devonte, and Aury While being in the concentrations camps, Eliezer's most valuable thing in the whole world was food. Have you ever lost the will to survive? What is our mission in life?
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