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Lilly Klein: Child of the Holocaust

Lilly Klein is a child who barely survived the holocaust

Alisha Hammersley

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Lilly Klein: Child of the Holocaust

Lilly Klein by Madison Hammersley
period 1
Due: Friday September 28 Lilly Klein was born on September 29, 1927 and was born in Mateszalka, Hungary 1) Lilly Klein was only seventeen when she went to the holocaust in 1944
2) She had seven siblings, a mother, and father
3) She was a student at the jewish high school Three facts about Lilly Klein 1) Lilly was not put to death by Hungary but was discriminated by laws against her.
2) She was able to continue her studies until her seventeenth year.
3) Lilly and her family were put in a jewish ghetto. Three additional facts
about Lilly Klein After Hungary didn't work with Germany in the war Hitler got angry. German armies rounded up jews in Hungary. Lilly Klein and her family were part of those jews. When she was at the concentration camps every one of those jews had to work or die. She was barely alive at the end of the war. If the war hadn't ended then she would have died from exhaustion and starvation. Lilly was a brave and lucky girl to have survived the holocaust.It was unfair how they treated her just because she was a different religion. The germans were confused about the holocaust. They thought that Hitler was right about it being the jews fault. Which led to the horrible destruction of the jews. Since Lilly was a jew it hurt her and her family. Reflection
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