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How many types of Blood Cells do we have and what do they do

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Clare Cauchi

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of How many types of Blood Cells do we have and what do they do

What blood cells create blood types?
How many Different types of blood cells do we have?
How do Platelets heal the Skin?
How many types of Blood Cells
do we have and what do they do?

If you have the
RH Negative Blood Type:
If you have RH Negative:
Your parents blood type would be the same ccombining their Red blood cells together when you are born. To give you the same blood type. Which is RH Negative.
Depends if
you have RH
Negative or
RH Positive
If you have the RH Positive Blood Type:
Your parents have different blood types giving them more of transferability of Neutrophils. ( White Blood Cells )
Ex: % of

O Positive: 7%
O Negative: 5%
A Positive: 11%
A Negative: 11%
B Positive: 10%
B Negative: 12%
AB Positive : 21%
AB Negative: 23%

How do we produce new blood cells and why?
Blood cells are created from Master Cells ( FIRST CELLS IN YOUR BODY ) which give you your DNA. Also with the help of Bone Marrow, your blood cells are made. This process is called Mitosis.
Red Blood Cells:
Every second we produce 2- 3 million New Red Blood Cells.
We all make 150,000 to 400,000
each day.
Did you Know:
That sometimes you can have 2 blood types mixed together. Which sometimes can give you complications, later on in life. ( NOT INCLUDING AB Positive or Negative.)
Some of these complications can come into mind.....
2 of 250,000 get this every year.
60% Blood
20% RBC's
White Blood Cells.
Red Blood Cells
Did you Know?
There are many different types of White Blood Cells.
Defends the body from Bacteria.
Kills Pestasites ex:
Releases Histamines causing blood vessels to leak causing Hay Fever.

Small Versions of Neutrophils which helps fight bacteria infections.
Cleans the blood stream of old and damaged
blood cells.
Live in the immune system and helps to prevent sickness.
Red Blood Cells carry oxygen around the Body
Inside of Red Blood Cell:
Also carries oxygen around the body where it needs it most while Red Blood Cells still send it every where but slower due to needing to pass oxygen to every organ of the body, while doing this it also gives Red Blood Cells their colour.
Without Hemoglobin it is easy for
Oxygen molecules to be released.
They are rich in Plasma: PRP
Plasma functions as tissue sealant. Which means which means with the Platelets they start the wound repair by releasing growth factors straight away as soon as the signal of a cut has been sent to the brain.
You could say it sticks together like glue.
Did you know:
If you didn't have enough of PRP you could bleed to death by a little cut even a scratch cause your blood can not clout.
All Plasma does is work together with Platelets:
So it can become a sealant towards an injury by making the blood clout.
As seen in this image the Platelets
are rich in Plasma ( PRP ) Which work together starting the healing process by releasing growth factors every time you get a cut or scratch.
Which means
that the oxygen
doesn't go to
your organs.
Do we need to fight off the Flu?
From when we
are born we start
off with 7,000000
white blood cells
in our bodies and
we need 4,000000
really strong
white blood cells
to fight off the
flu with out
58% of the Flu fighter
White Blood Cells are
Neutrophils and Bands.
Thanks for watching my Prezi on Blood Cells.
Excellent Good Ok
By Clare Cauchi
Fact of the Day........
Did you know after you have a Blood Test,
when they leave your Blood to settle so they can
get a result. Well after half an hour your Blood
splits into 3 groups.
Red Blood Cells
White Blood Cells,
and Plasma
Another Random Fact
Watch This
Could you Guess the Fact?
That what I told you was all True!
By carrying proteins
through the blood making it
solid so the proteins don't leak
into the blood stream.
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