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MiKE Overview

No description

James Carlson

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of MiKE Overview

MiKE Membership Program
At the end of 2012, MiKE launched a new model for sustainability. A membership and sponsorship hybrid, MiKE created an amplified leadership council of 24 organizations who paid annual dues/sponsorship to participate in MiKE.
Milwaukee Innovation Week
MiKE hosted the inaugural Milwaukee Innovation Week, a series of 13 events over five days in June 2012. The week was made possible through partnerships with over 40 organizations, from Milwaukee’s major corporations to its promising startups. The events drew more than 1,000 people from around the country.
MiKE Strategic Actioning Session
On June 14-15, 2012, MiKE hosted a two-day Strategic Actioning Session with a wide array of government leaders, private sector CEOs, startups and universities. During the session, participants developed a clear vision and sustainability model for MiKE, which included introducing corporate membership program for 2013.
The Foundry
Modeled after other successful cities, MiKE created a program called “The Foundry.” Foundry events are held at the home of a successful Milwaukee entrepreneur with an exclusive, highly-curated guest list of investors, entrepreneurs and startups, along with a handful of corporate leaders, who are invested in creating stronger relationships in Milwaukee's entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Pop-Up Retail Program
MiKE launched a Pop-Up retail program in The Shops of Grand Avenue in downtown Milwaukee on April 26, 2012. In total, the program leased 13 spaces, helping to bring the mall’s total occupancy rate to above 90% (at the beginning of 2011, the mall occupancy was 40%). OPEN MiKE has also been a cornerstone tenant in the mall, helping to bring stability to the repurposed office spaces in the mall’s Plankinton Building.
OPEN MiKE membership grew to 150 members in 2012, comprised of startup companies and a variety of community organizations and nonprofits, as well as individual designers, artists and developers. MiKE provided more than 20 budding startup businesses with critical services and support to help them establish stronger relationships in the entrepreneurial and business communities. Directly, MiKE provided 7,700 square feet of free coworking and collaboration space at OPEN MiKE, allowing startups to host events, meet with customers, network with peers, pitch to investors and more. Through MiKE’s network, these startups connected to higher education partners to access design, software development and engineering talent. The startups also utilized MiKE’s corporate and entrepreneurial partners for mentoring, funding and access to C-level decision makers that helped these startups grow. Centralizing the startup activity in a physical space has been one of the most effective talent attraction and retention programs Milwaukee has ever implemented.
In conjunction with NEWaukee, MiKE helped the City of Milwaukee launch “Tournavation,” a community and crowd-sourced approach to innovation. The City of Milwaukee used Tournavation to select a top idea to apply to The Mayors Challenge -- a competition organized by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's philanthropic foundation that challenges cities across America to find innovative solutions to problems, improve urban life, and make city government work better. Milwaukee’s proposal, called “Home Gr/Own,” seeks to transform foreclosed properties into links in a new supply chain for nutritious food. While more than 300 cities across the nation entered, Milwaukee was named as one of 20 finalists.
Flying Car
Hosted the inaugural Flying Car, an annual destination event that empowers innovators in all fields to make the future. Through inspiring presentations, hands-on demonstrations of the year’s most brilliant inventions, and pitch competitions, Flying Car inspires world-changing ideas and helps them launch into market.
20 events over 10 days in multiple locations
3,504 attendees
63 startups showcased
67 community partners
Attendees from San Francisco, Madison, Minneapolis, Chicago, Lexington and Boston
Quarterly Speaker Events
Held quarterly speaker events, featuring venture capitalist, entrepreneur and philanthropist J.B. Pritzker; Babson College professor Vincent Onyemah; American Family Insurance director Dan Reed; and Babson College professor Dan Isenberg.
One Eighty: A Reverse Job Fair
Created One-Eighty, a reverse job fair, showcasing leading and rising Milwaukee companies to an audience filled with professionals, students, companies and more. Participating companies included Briggs & Stratton, Journal Communications, Kohl’s Corporation, Laughlin Constable, ManpowerGroup, MillerCoors, We Energies and more than 20 startup companies.
Organized the Foundry, a quarterly invite-only networking event, hosted in the personal homes of Milwaukee leaders. Attendees were a curated group of investors, entrepreneurs and startups, along with a handful of corporate leaders who are invested in creating stronger relationships in Milwaukee's entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Intersect; An Innovation Symposium
Presented Intersect, an Innovation Symposium, with the Harvard Business School Club of Wisconsin and the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. Intersect featured speakers from Harvard, IBM, General Electric Co., Kraft Foods Group and Johnson Controls Inc. Over 200 area leaders attended the conference.
Company Challenges
Held two corporate challenges for Kohl’s and GE Healthcare, where the companies met individual entrepreneurs and smaller-sized local companies with whom they forged ongoing partnerships.
Corporate Venture Forum
Presented the Corporate Venture Forum with the Scale Up Milwaukee initiative and American Express OPEN. Featured speakers included IBM, American Express Ventures, Manpower, GE Healthcare, Silicon Valley Bank and many entrepreneurial venture partners. 1-800-FLOWERS founder and CEO Jim McCann keynoted the event.
Milwaukee Innovation Week
Flying Car
The MiKE Marketing Committee will develop a strategy and communications plan to address brand confusion amongst MiKE, Flying Car, the GMC and various sub-brands for MiKE.
Develop & implement communications/PR plan by July 2014
Increase communication channels with Corporate Council
Create Roster of Employees for every Corporate Council Member by April 2014
Increase Corporate Council Company attendance at events by 50%
Increase media coverage on MiKE by 30%
National Media Coverage on Flying Car in 2014
Corporate Council
Talent Network
MiKE Co-Chairs & GMC President
MiKE Director
Flying Car Event Producer
Event Staff & Volunteers
Creative Agency Partner
MiKE Project Manager
Recruitment and Retention
Skills Development
FEBRUARY 12, 2014
The Foundry
Pop-Up Retail Program
Open MiKE
MiKE Membership Program
MiKE Strategic Actioning Session
Quarterly Speaker Events
Corporate Venture Forum
Company Challenges
Intersect: An Innovation Symposium
The Foundry
One Eighty: A Reverse Job Fair
Brand Confusion?
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