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20 Minute History of The English Language

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Tobias Crass

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of 20 Minute History of The English Language

What did we learn from the video?
Late Modern English
17 July 2013
Overall, the Normans left English with an additional 10,000 words, greatly enriching the language.
Periods of English
Old English
Middle English
Late Modern English
Early Modern English
During the period 1476 - 1707 two very big things happened for the development of the English Language.
added 2000 words and phrases to English
Old English
So, time for you to do some work.
Middle English

Learning Points
Between 450 AD and 1066 AD the Anglo-Saxons, Christian Missionaries and the Vikings were the three main influences on the development of Old English.
Around 2000 Viking words were adopted by Old English.
Early Modern English
So what did we learn?
The Romans left, and took most of their Latin words with them.
The Anglo-Saxons gave us the origin of many of our most commonly used words - House, Woman, Loaf, some days of the week.
The growth of Christianity introduced more Latin words into English.
English integrated over 2000 Norse words.
1 minute to find words you might still see in some form in Modern English.

May be easier to use the modern letter version!
What does Old English sound like?
Many of the words we use today have their beginnings in Old English. Of the 100 most commonly used words in English, over 90% are Old English in origin.
After the invasion of 1066, French became the language of government and the aristocracy.
The Church used Latin.
Everyday speech was in English.
The adoption of French words hugely increased the number of words that mean the same, or have similar definitions, in English. For example...
Cow > Beef
Sheep > Mutton
Pig > Pork
During the 100 years war English replaced French as the language of government and the Royal Court.
Learning Quiz
What language was used by the church during the period of Middle English?
What benefit did the adoption of French words give to the English Language?
How many French words were integrated into English during the Middle English period?
Enriching English by increasing the number of words available for describing things.
Around 10,000
William Caxton - the first English person to work as a printer and the first to introduce a printing press into England in 1476
Caxton is credited with standardising the English language (removing regional dialects) through printing. This helped the expansion of English vocabulary, reduced differences in the way words were written and spelled.
The Printing Press
William Shakespeare
's printing press was an important tool in the process of standardising English spelling and structure

showed the world that English was a vibrant language with enough vocabulary to express meaning and emotion
Learning Points
Mass Literacy
Overt pride in the English Language. Demonstrated by the arrival of Samuel Johnsons Dictionary in 1755
But the biggest development during this period is the globalisation of English through...
1) Empire building and trade...
2) The growth of English on the internet.
3) The growth in Learners of English as a Second Language
Learning Quiz
Mass literacy
Growing pride in the English Language
The Late Modern English period saw:
But the most important development was the globalisation of English through:
Empire building through trade and war
The growth of English on the internet
The growth of English Language learning

The period between 1707 and today has seen...
A 20 Minute Overview of the History of the English Language
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