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Roger federer

No description

Natalie Chan

on 13 May 2018

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Transcript of Roger federer

Roger federer
personal information
record setting career

he was influenced by...
What do i admire about him?

I WANT TO SHARE with you...
- his personal background
- the reasons of admiring him
- people that influenced him
why him?

- born in 1981 (36 years old)
- swiss tennis star
- fully immersed in tennis by
the age of 14
- dad of two sets of twins

- first swiss man to win a Grand Slam singles title
- 19 grand slam singles titles
- the oldest player winning the men's champion
- being the #1 for 287 weeks consecutively

Boris becker - his idol
stefan edberg - his idol and coach
Novak Djokovic - his rival
Rafael Nadal - his rival
Andy Murray - his rival
2003 - age 22

first swiss man to win the Grand Slam singles title
2009 - age 28
world ranking from #1 to #2
2017 - age 36

important years:
1992 - age 11
#1 in the junior tennis players group
1998 - age 17

first Wimbledon boys singles and doubles
2005 - age 24
world ranking #1
2012 - age 31

going back to #1
won his 19th Grand Slam singles title
#23 in the top 100 celebrities list 2017
#4 in the world's highest paid athletes
positive attitude
Forbes (2017) 2017 the world's highest-paid athletes earnings

Britannica Academic (2017) Roger Federer

Lance, T. (2017) Federer, Roger. In World Book Advanced.
Biography.com Editors (2017) Roger Federer Biography.com
Pritam R (2012) A Great Role Model
Food for thought..
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