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Heineken Case

No description

Tasmim Anwar

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Heineken Case

Heineken N.V.:
Global Branding
& Advertising
Case Analysis SWOT ANALYSIS Recommendations - As Heineken follows a global strategy of expansion, standardization of marketing communications is a necessary step.

- Despite differing strategies across markets (based on PLC), a unifying marketing communications theme is necessary

- A global branding strategy will lower marketing costs, realize economies of scale in production and clarify the brands positioning in the minds of customers STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES Sponsoring Events Print Materials THREATS Agenda - Sporting events
- Concerts
- Build the Heineken experience - Featuring, humor, family values, friendship,trust, romance, happiness, aspirational lifestyles
- Testimonial by celebrities.
- Increase the share of mind and share of heart for the brand
- Adding onto the brand equity. Television - Consistent product image
- Print ads
- Personalized for different global markets, but consistent
- Merchandising - World's premier beer
- Acknowledged as high-quality light beer
- Know for good taste, tradition, and history
- Number one imported beer in U.S. market
- Advertising expenditures at disposal -Lacks global presence
-Brand image not consistently portrayed
-Brand loyalty needs to be built
-Lack of worldwide advertising campaign INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS SWOT Analysis
IMC mix
Recommendations -Growing non-alcoholic market
-Global expansion
-Become the world's leading premium brand
-Growth in the flavored beer and draught beer market
-Developing is still in early stages in beer market -Price competition in Europe due to overcapacity and minimal population growth.
-Mergers and acquisitions of other breweries
-Presence of no-or-low-alcohol, flavored beers, and dry beers in the market.
-Becoming a uninteresting and unexciting brand
Heineken will become successful by developing an effective global brand strategy.

To do this, Heineken should build compelling IMC strategies and provide a 'platform' that is flexible enough to handle the branding for local marketers.

It should have both centralization and decentralization organizational structure to promote effectively a global brand and to support local marketing managers in setting and implementing IMC strategies tailored to each local market. Hypothesis
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