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Text Structures

No description

Dannielle Vosburgh

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Text Structures

Text Structures
Cause & Effect
Author explains how one event

something else to .
Compare & Contrast
Author uses and to help the reader understand the text.
What is a Text Structure?
The organizational pattern an author uses to present ideas in a text.
So, what types of text structures are there?
Cause & Effect
Problem & Solution
Compare & Contrast
Authors don't just write their ideas randomly.
Instead, they organize their ideas in a way that helps YOU to understand them.
Author something for the reader.
Puts a mental picture in the reader's mind.
When you walk into my bedroom there is a window facing you. To the right of that is a dresser and a television and on the other side of the window is my bed.
Out in the countryside, there is a tiny hiding place nestled under the swirly, green vines. Inside that little nook sits two benches and a small table. The table is set up to play checkers. The butterflies and ladybugs have even made their home there. It's the perfect place to relax on a hot summer day.
Tells of events in order of time (from beginning to end).
In the spring, toads lay their eggs in ponds, lakes, and puddles. Then, tiny tadpoles come out of the eggs. The tadpoles live in the water for several weeks. Next, the tadpoles start to develop back legs, and then front legs. Finally, the tadpoles lose their tails. They are ready to come out of the water—as tiny, tiny toads!
specific dates and times
Problem & Solution
Sand castles do not last long on an ocean beach. The water levels change with the tide. When the tide is low, the waves don’t come all the way up the beach. When the tide “comes in”, at high tide, the water reaches farther up the beach. As a result, sand castles get destroyed by the strong waves.
Sometimes, one cause can have effects.
When a building is abandoned, nature takes over. Animals such as mice, snakes, and bats move in. Vines grow on the outside. Snow and rain cause wood to rot and beams to break. When the roof finally collapses, trees and weeds can grow inside.
Author explains a and then shows how it can be .
Sometimes, hawks and owls are badly injured by cars. These birds face a huge problem, because they can no longer hunt for food. One solution is to keep the birds at special rehabilitation centers. There, the birds can receive the special care they need to recover. People can visit the centers to learn more about hawks and owls.
Not so fast... some problem & solution texts are not that easy.

Sometimes the author explicitly say "this is the problem" and "this is the solution."
In northern areas of the world, the weather is too cold to grow crops all year long. However, some farmers have found a way to grow food: a greenhouse. A greenhouse is a special building that stays warm in the winter. Crops like lettuce and basil can grow well in a greenhouse, even when the weather is freezing!
does not
These two backyard pools are very different. Yes, they both hold water. And yes, they both are refreshing on a hot summer day. But the small, inflatable pool is only six inches deep. The larger, in-ground pool is ten feet deep. It's a much better place for floating and playing water tag.
Compare & contrast can also explain how a or changes over time.
Have you ever seen The Strip in the evening? It becomes a very different place. Instead of buildings shining in the sunlight, colorful neon lights brighten up the desert. The streets are busy and bustling, like during the day, but filled with older people dressed up for shows and fancy dining. The children have gone from the shops and restaurants, leaving their parents to enjoy Las Vegas nightlife.
Clue Words
such as
for example
for instance
most important
in front
Clue Words
Clue Words
reasons why
as a result
leads to
Clue Words
problem is
dilemma is
Clue Words
in contrast
on the other hand
as well as
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