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The Bible: Book of Books

A very brief overview of the Canon (contents of the Bible), Genres, etc.

Andrew Benko

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of The Bible: Book of Books

WHAT is in it? WHAT WHAT is it? do we do with it? What is it? A Book of Books Holy Scripture What are the Holy Scriptures?
The Holy Scriptures, commonly called the Bible, are the books of the Old and New Testaments; other books, called the Apocrypha, are often included in the Bible. Why do we call them the Word of God?
We call them the Word of God because God inspired their human authors and because God still speaks to us through the Bible.
- Catechism, BCP p. 853 The New Testament consists of books written by the people of the New Covenant, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to set forth the life and teachings of Jesus and to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom for all people. The Old Testament consists of books written by the
people of the Old Covenant, under the inspiration of the
Holy Spirit, to show God at work in nature and history The Apocrypha is a collection of additional books
written by people of the Old Covenant, and used in
the Christian Church. - Catechism, BCP p. 853 The Word of God a sacred library diverse and eclectic, composed in many languages, genres, in diverse circumstances, across millenia. So what's in this 'library?' Let's browse the shelves... Many distinct
Genres: Law History Prophesy Wisdom Myth Parable Letter Liturgy Apocalypse Gospel Ancient Novel ...and many more. The
Deuteronomy THE PROPHETS
The Former Prophets
The Scroll of the Twelve WRITINGS:
Psalms * Job Proverbs * Ruth
Song of Songs
Esther * Daniel
Chronicles Canon A Greek word meaning
"reed" or measuring
stick. A ruler,
standard. Refers
to those
books accepted
as authoritative
in a religious tradition The Christian Canon Old Testament New Testament Apocrypha OT
NT Apocrypha Jewish canon; but in a different order: Pentateuch
Wisdom / Poetry
Gospels / Acts
Revelation Jewish writings not included in the final Jewish canon. hebrew & greek writings from the Hebrew bible, the New
Testament, and Jewish writings in Greek Pray. Read. Think. Sunday Lectionary
Daily Office Readings
Canticles & Psalms
Personal devotions Bible Study
The Creeds
At home / church
Know background
A Study Bible can help with context!
"All things necessary to salvation" “I solemnly declare that I do believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the Word of God, and to contain all things necessary to salvation”
- Ordination Vows, For all three Orders
BCP p. 538, 526, & 513 “Scripture containeth all things necessary to salvation: so that whatsoever is not read therein, nor may be proved thereby, is not to be required of any man, that it should be believed as an article of Faith, or be thought requisite or necessary to salvation.”
- From the 39 Articles, BCP p. 868
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