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NFS 073: Contemporary Food System

for Unit 3

Susan Munkres

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of NFS 073: Contemporary Food System

The Food Chain Inputs Production The Food System Distribution &
Transportation Processing Retailing
& Marketing Catering &
Consumption Waste The Food System Food and Agriculture Policy Pressures for Change / Resistance to Change advocacy, protest, education, alternative institution-building, alternate financing, lobbying, etc... Cultural Values efficiency, calorie production, profit Dynamics of Industrialization mechanization (=machines)
standardization (=predictablity)
specialization (=monocultures)
intensification (=faster)
consolidation (=larger)
vertical integration
horizontal integration Existing Economic & Institutional Structures Regulatory Climate for Corporations profit & efficiency Seeds of Life: Consolidation in the Seed Industry many ways of making change Frank Morton, an organic seed breeder from Philomath, Oregon, explains the current structure of the global commercial seed industry, as part of our ongoing series, Seeds of Life. -- http://cookingupastory.com Perceptions of the Food System Fantasy Food System Food as Immediate Lived Experience Food as Ultra-Modern tomato harvesters in Immokalee, FL Crop Inputs

-pesticides Trends in Inputs

-increased GMO use
-increased cost
-increasing need for fertilizers & pesticides
-increasing pressure on farmers to use additional inputs competitive marketplace industrialization of production
-monoculture (specialization)

Farm WORK is also industrialized
-mechanized, intensified, specialized
-larger scale
-contract farming
-"hired hands" / loss of control
-declining share of food dollar

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