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The Link
Effects of Radioactivity
Kristine Jay
C. Hizon
Micah Stephanie
Annejely M. Israel
Juan Magno
V. Iya
Refers to the particles which are emitted from nuclei as a result of nuclear instability
Fukushima Daiichi
Power Plant
Link Between Chemistry and Economics
Overexposure to radiation can lead to hair loss, fatigue, loss of white blood cells, sterility, cancer, and death.
Killing beneficial organisms.
Mutating cells.
Disrupting the physical properties of materials.
Medicinal purposes
Economic purposes

A Link Between Chemistry and Economics :)
Chemistry Factor
The chemistry factor is of course, radioactivity itself. Radioactivity has been advancing through the time with the help of government/non government organizations funding the research in order to develop radioactivity and how it helps our society today.
Economics Factor
There is a mutual relationship between chemistry and economics, people fund the research in order to develop radioactivity. And the development of radioactivity results in profit of people funding them because they will introduce it into the market. Radioactivity won’t be developed/developing up until know without the help of people who fund them.
How they are linked and operationalized
The link between the radioactivity and economics is simple, for example there is a business man wanting to build a nuclear power plant in order to gain profit. The cost of building a nuclear power plant, the cost of maintaining/running a nuclear power plant, the cost of labor for the workers to work in the said power plant must be equal to or less than the profit earned from the nuclear power plant. There are also risks and externalities than can be taken into account. Such as the risk of meltdown, the pollution that it will emit etc etc.
Negative Effects
Positive Effects
image source: wikipedia
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
image source: dukesofhazardblog.com
Bataan Nuclear Power Plant
image source: wikipedia
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