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Susan B. Anthony Women's Right to the Suffrage


Kailee Davis

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Susan B. Anthony Women's Right to the Suffrage

Susan B. Anthony
Woman's Rights to the Suffrage By: Kailee Davis Tone Purpose Subject Audience Occasion Speaker SOAPSTone Speaker
Tone Born February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachussets.
Believed that all people of all races should have equal rights In 1873, Susan B. Anthony delivered her Woman's Rights to the Suffrage speech after she was arrested, tried, and fined $100 for voting in the 1872 presidential election. The audience of this speech is friends of Susan B. Anthony and citizens of her community. The purpose of this speech is to prove that women are citizens, and should be granted the right to vote. The purpose is also that Susan B. Anthony did not commit a crime by voting, because she was exercising her citizen's rights. The subject of this speech is woman's suffrage. In the 1800's women had few legal rights and did not have the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony was the President of the National Women's Suffrage Association. She stated in her speech that "Every discrimination against women in the constitutions and laws of the several States is today null and void, precisely as in every one against Negroes." The tone of this speech is very serious and persuasive. Susan B. Anthony had a huge role in the women's rights movement and really started the move towards introducing women's suffrage in the United States. Without her diligence and hard work, women still might not have the rights and freedoms they have today. Susan B. Anthony
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