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Arnold Gesell

No description

Fallon Kostbahn

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Arnold Gesell

Arnold Gesell
Philosophy of Education
"We should not, he said, try to force children into our predetermined designs, but should follow their cues as they express basic biological forces of growth."
He believes children go through stages in a fixed sequence and within a specific time period.
Most of the children’s growth is based on natural unfolding of hereditary characteristics already present inside the child, we need to help those characteristics to be expressed in a positive way.
Created The Gesell Developmental Schedules
Founded Clinic of Child Development
Developed techniques for observing children in natural play situations without disturbing them
Gesell Dome/One way mirror observation
Those Who Influenced Arnold
Arnold's family played a strong influence on him and they led him to the education field
Edgar James Swift stimulated Gesell’s interest in psychology
Children with mental disabilities
Lasting Impressions
With his ideas that both nature and nurture are important in child development, Gesell influenced numerous child psychologists and pediatricians, including Jerome Bruner and Jean Piaget.
Developmental milestones are also widely used by pediatricians, psychologists, and other professionals who work with children today.
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