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There is more to bullying than what we see, its not about focusing on the bully or victim,everyone is part of this big comotion we call bullying.

Gloria Manga

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Bullying

How Society Addresses Bullying Bystander How Society Addresses Bullying Bystanders just watch and don't react or get involved to help the victim, they are either to scared or enjoy the victim being tormented. Sometimes they might not like the victim for some reason. Or they just don't like getting into other people's business. Which it is probably caused by the bystander effect* Many children have a good idea of what bullying is because they see it every day! Bullying happens when someone hurts or scares another person on purpose and the person being bullied has a hard time defending themselves. So, everyone needs to get involved to help stop it. We can't just talk trash about the bully, we can't talk about the victim like a weakling.
No one's the same, the media has a big impact on bullying.You hear adults being bullied by co-workers at work, but it doesn't matter where it happens because bullying impacts children's future. If we want to eradicate bullying all together we have to look at EVERYONE'S POINT OF VIEW, to get right down to the roots and fix it. There's more to bullying than what we see, its not about focusing on the bully or victim, everyone is part of this big commotion we call bullying. You can't force your way into the situation and think that just because you are adults or more mature, that you can run the bullying to the ground, its not that easy! About 85% of students are witnessing bullying,but let it happen. Bullying The media has fostered the idea that music, violent video games, and violent movies are turning children in deadly monsters. They do this for several reasons, with ratings high on the list. But also because they realize that society needs a scapegoat, something or someone to blame. They realize that blaming these violent acts on video games or music with violent lyrics is more interesting than simply examining the family life. The Media So I want to straight up start to talk about, how we, the world, the media, how SOCIETY addresses bullying and how they influence bullying in today's society. Despite all the media attention that has been given to the sometimes tragic consequences of bullying, many people are still being victimized by bullies, we are helping the bullying situation but also making it worse, we are blaming random people for such things he/she did not do, but unfortunately we live in a society where we like to blame everyone and everything other than ourselves for things that transpire around us The Catholic Church The Catholic Church teaches that the bullying of any person is evil and not to be tolerated under any circumstances anywhere, most especially in our Catholic Schools. The foundation for the respect that is owed to every human being is that each person is created in the image and likeness of God and is to be loved and accorded the value that belongs to them as a result of this fact. Appasr Apparently by age 26, 60% of people who Apparently by the age 26, 60% of people who were childhood bullies have at least one criminal conviction. It cant always be like that bullies don't always and probably ever have mental issues or are jealous or covering up emotions some could really just genuinely hate a person. a bully could be perfectly healthy regular person not mental or jealous or hiding emotion . Now when the media says this it gets me angry if a bully had The Victim Bully Sometimes the bully can be the victim,not that the bully isn't being rude, but from personal experience sometimes it can be the other way around. Apparently by age 26, 60% of people who were childhood bullies have at least one criminal conviction. It can’t always be like that, bullies don’t always and probably ever have “mental issues” or are “jealous” or “covering up emotions” some could really just genuinely hate a person. A bully could be a perfectly healthy regular person, not mental, or jealous or hiding emotion. Now when the media says this it gets me angry, if a bully had “mental issues” why would he/she bully someone? There not stupid or demented, I feel the media has build this negative world, where bullies are beat down and singled out, because they bully people, but once in your lifetime, you must of have been a bully, repeatedly hurt someone’s feelings. We are all technically bullies, in politics, politicians want their competition to fear them, and they want to win. Victim Bullying can cause depression, physical health problems and behavior and emotional problems, psychotic symptoms, and loss of motivation for the victims. You have this constant feeling someone is coming towards you to make fun of you and you try to ignore it, but you just can't shake it off.They say girls are likely to face emotional bullying, than guys, while guys get physically bullied, but from my point of view there is no difference. *Bystander Effect
The bystander effect or Genovese syndrome is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases where individuals do not offer help. Upstander "Who Is an Upstander?" by: Facing History An upstander is someone who says “no” to bullying. Be aware of the bullying policy at your school and keep it in mind when you witness bullying. To be an Upstander Refuse to be a bystander. Help others who are being bullied. Stop the spreading of rumors Learn about bullying! Amanda Todd Age: 15 years old
Committed suicide after struggling with depression and being bullied Felicia Garcia Age: 15 years old
Committed Suicide. Jumped in front of a train. Derick Thomason Age:14 years old
Found on a southbound lane of Interstate.Was tormented He was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.(considered a high functioning form of autism. It can lead to difficulty interacting socially, repeat behaviors, and clumsiness. For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee
Luke 4:10 Bullying can lead to suicidal deaths or can leave the person physically disabled from trying to commit suicide. If we don't stop it now, it will just get worse. Amanda Brownwell Age : 18 years old
she had used the cloth cord from her hooded sweatshirt to hang herself in a school restroom. She barely survived and is today a paraplegic(is paralyzed from the waist down) living in a nursing home near her parent’s home. The girls in her school falsely accused her of being a lesbian and of having AIDS that she was intentionally spreading. Amanda is one of the few lucky people who survived a suicide attempt, she recovered and had her family close by to help her. Teens need help, in schools its harder to detect it, they think its just going to pass by. If you we don't see the warning signs, its just going to get worse and no one is willing to help. As people trying to tackle the bullying epidemic of today,s society, we need to look into all the perspectives of all the people involved in the issue.
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