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Our school

Our view on our school by Denisa Halušková,Alexandra Nejedliková,Karin Ficeková,Sára Kakačková,Matúš Gerát, Monika Švedová, Samuel Gibala and Angelika Medvecká :)...Enjoy it..!

Angelika Medvecká

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Our school

Spojená skola Nizná
Secondary vocational school-technical
This kind of our school offers to students to study departments mostly of technical bearing.
Secondary art school
This second kind of school offers to students 3
thematically oriented departments .
The best school activity-
Our school
Amazing, lovely and funny
Big...and beautiful :)
This school has these programs of education:
(cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr
(cc) photo by tudor on Flickr
Car electronics
Personal computers and computer networks
Joinery technician
Management of Finance
The school has these programs of education:
Promotional graphics
Graphic design
Arts and craft design
Olive-green- means maturity and technical excellence
Orange-means creativity and imagination
White- means purity and correctness
A Christmas academy :)
Another activities :)
Embrace day for everyone
Valentine´ s day
That is how we call
a new pupils in our school
Let´s show you, how we welcome them.
Pheasant -
After pheasant torment....
There comes.....
An Interview With Our Headmaster
Exhibitions of teachers and also pupils
Where are we????
Google us....:)
Heh, I was joking..Here we are.
Mr.Miroslav Knap
Our teacher ,the artist with big A.
Mr.Ján Suško and his
incredible paintings.
Our teachers help us to
stave in, they send our works
to many competitions and also
exhibit our creations in different cities.
Student of our school are in many cases successful.
Teachers=No fun?
The best Maths-teacher
Creative headmaster
second-in-command with beautiful smile
Friendly , active teacher. :)
"Athletic spirit" in artists ..
The best Math teacher :)
Creative Mr. Headmaster
"Athletic spirits" in the masters of art..
What to do during the breaks and after school?? :)
We have many after-school activities ...You can see them in here :
Gadgeteer – production of homemade instruments
Wood-Metal-Souvenirs –production of wooden souvenirs
Electrical engineering after-school activity cons. Mathematical work-involvement of electric circuits
Electrical engineering after-school activity1- heavy-current
Electrical engineering after-school activity 2 - security systems
Electrical engineering after-school activity3 –focused on heavy-current
Electrical engineering after-school activity 4 -expansion of knowledge by electronic meccanos
Energetics -expansion of knowledge in section
Figural drawing and painting- drawing human bodies
Film club - familiarization with film production
Finance literacy - manage personal finance
Football- relaxation
Musical after-school activity – playing the musical instruments
Easy and double accountancy - account in easy and double accountancy
After-school activity of young leaders – Students´parliament
After-school activity of Slovak language and literature- preparation for graduation test
Literature-History after-school activity- recognition of national history
MAGIC WOOD s.r.o- leading the practise firm
Mathematical after-school activity - preparation for graduation test
Mathematics- preparation for graduation test
Media club -versatile development of young men personality by books
Young football judge – learn football rules
Young technician- basics of electronics
Unusual art- techniques made of natural materials
English for beginners – English tutorage
English step by step to graduation – preparation for graduation test
Car diagnostic- issue and measurement on vehicles
Car electronics – car diagnosis
Basketball- relaxation
Biblical after-school activity– preparation on biblical Olympiad
Business English – professional communication in English language, correspondence
History of art culture -preparation on embrace examination
Dramatic after-school activity1- rehearsal of theatrical performance
Dramatic after-school activity 2- rehearsal of theatrical performance
Volunteering – voluntary activity MVO
Professional project- production of professional projects, obtain a certificates
Computers from A to Z – work with PC
Entrepreneurial after-school activity -business, forms of business
Strengthening - exercises for beginners and devotees
Programming -introduction to programming in Visual Basic
Projects - travel option , chance to know new cultures and knowledges
Developing of creativity and esthetic feeling-student preparation for SOŠ (Professional work of High school)
Net technologies CISCO- computers´ nets , chapters Ist and IInd, materials and tests in english language
Table tennis –for beginners and devotees
Every thing about sport –sport games for boys and girls
Tourism after-school activity – discovering a nature
Production of projects TVPz- communication, team work, presentation of projects The workshop –arranging and working with a paper
Art woodcarving –souvenirs, visiting the gallery
Hair studio -styling of appearance and taking care of hair
Volleyball – volleyball representative preparation
Interest Automotive –different involvement of automotive electronics
Winter sports –skiing ,basic of skiing
Journalism after-school activity –production of school magazine
So these are all , but when you walk
our school you can usually see things like that:
School activities for pupils of SŠpojená skola Nizžná
posing ...
Listening to the music...
Students having a fight with food automat...
Actually you can see much more activities
like pupils doing a homeworks, pairs
sitting on the seats or simply talking people.
Many of trips are organized at our school every year. Last one of them was whole week long trip to Vienna. We saw a lot of monuments and interesting things , but we enjoyed a lot of fun too like for example barbecue, many sports, night swimming in a pool, visiting tropicarium and whole daylong trip to amusement park. We got back exhausted and destroyed but we were so happy about it. We´re looking forward the next trip
Every class , every year goes to some trip that pupils choose and teacher passed it ...This is one of ours...
Every year teachers in our school organize skiing course. Pupils have a choice between commuting at bus to the skiing center directly in Nižná or spending a week on a cottage in Zuberec.
Visit on this cottage includes many competitions and activities like for example building a snowman, trip to aqua park , disco , a night skiing and many others things. Pupils leave from there with plenty of memories and experiences.
Skiing course
Prom celebration
Tradition of prom celebration was originated in Germany and first school in Slovakia which did this celebration was Banská a lesnícka académia in Banská Štiavnica. Since then it has
expanded first to the gymnasiums and then to all of high schools which was made by pupils in last year of education .
The sign of prom celebration is a song Gaudeamus Igitur and pupils wear green ribbon.
Prom celebration process:
Intercession of students
Students dress up a sash on a teachers
Intercession of headmaster
Intercession of a classroom teacher
Putting on a ribbon
Singing Gaudeamus
Handovering bouquet and goblet
Intercession of representative of parents,toast
Dancing with parents
Dancing with teachers
Common dinner
Program (skits)
Free show
Execution or midnight court
Breaking of pitcher
Present for classroom teacher
Practice at our school is defferent.It depends from fields of study which students choose, which direction are they interested in or it just diverts them.
Practice is taught by studied masters, who perfectly does the craft. Practice is in all fields of study , some students draw in studio in it, some just crave their designs to the wood, another are experts in Electrical and the others in car mechanic.
Thanks for attention!!!!! :)
What did they do???
Our school is very successful in many competitions and has many wins and certificates especially for sport , art and energetics.
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