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Designer Babies

No description

Johannes Le Bruen

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Designer Babies

By: Antonia, Anton and
-Imagine if you could personalize your baby
-If you could change anything about them
-You could change their hair, eye colour, sex and even their intelligence.
-Genetic modification makes it possible.

damage of the embryo during the microinjection procedure
abnormal growth of the embryo
development or growth of chromosomal abnormality which more than often leads to the death of the baby.
Genes from animals
with future technology, we could create humans with genes of animal
But would they still be human?
When does humanity stop and animal begin?
Should we revolutionize the abilities of the human race, or are we just playing God with people's lives?
Build a Baby
Genetic modification allows us to create so called "superhumans"
Superhumans have enhanced capabilities such as eyesight, intelligence etc.
Superhumans would be a "Master Race", just as the Nazis had planned it. Would we want that?
-Euthanasia is a pseudoscience that the nazis used, to seperate disabled people from their ideal race.
-If we create superhumans, the people who
are not superhumans would be segregated and would form a "lower class" of humans, not based on skin colour or religion, but on genetic makeup. This is remarkably similar to euthanasia.
Key Question
What exactly are designer babies?
What is there to be said against them?
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