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The life of a slave girl.

No description

Amanda McDaniel

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The life of a slave girl.

The life of a slave girl.
main Idea
A slave girl named Lisa finds out by her brother William that her brother Benjamin had confrontation with his master. The master whipped him because he called and Benjamin wasn't there right away, Benjamin got tired of it and fought back, so Benjamin is running away to the North to avoid the consequences to come.
Authors Perspective
The authors perspective is in Lisa's view. She understands what happened, but she doesnt want her brother to run away. She fears he will have worse consequences to face if he is caught. She worries about him and will miss him.
Proof of Authors Perspective
I anxiously awaited the result.
I looked at him to see whether he was in earnest. I saw it all in his firm, set mouth. I implored him not to go, but he paid no heed to my words.
I reminded him of the poverty and hardships he must encounter among strangers. I told him he might be caught and brought back; and that was terrible to think of.
He was right; but it was hard to give him up.
Her book incidents in the life of a slave girl was published Feb 28, 2010. It is real and it now has a book.
Ray Castro
Anthony Schings
Josh Jones

Key Details
Benjamin had cause to tremble; for he had thrown to the ground his master - one of the richest men in town.
"I have come," Said Benjamin, "to tell you I am going away."
He said he was no longer a boy.
Farewells were exchanged, and the bright, kind boy, endeared to us by so many acts of love, vanished from out sights.
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