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Information Systems in Movies & TV Shows

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Alyssa Gourdeau

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Information Systems in Movies & TV Shows

I Robot -2004
(Artificial Intelligence)

Monsters Inc - 2001
(Supply Chain Managment)
Star Wars -1977
(Natural Language Processing)
Big Hero Six -2014
(Expert System)
Minority Report -2002
(Decision Support System)
Information Systems in Movies & TV Shows
In I Robot, Robots do basically all the things a human can. One robot in particular becomes much more like a human because it develops human emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. The accuracy of this is movie to artificial intelligence if pretty spot on.
In Monsters Inc, monsters incorporation has doors that allow the monsters to go into the human world and scare children. the doors are brought into the corporate building of Monsters Inc, the monsters enter the doors which means they enter the human world, they scare the humans, then leave and are back to the monster world. The scaring provides energy for the Monsters, The energy is good for electricity and such. This is pretty accurate as far a supply chain but this is obviously not real.
In Big Hero Six, a deflatable robot that turns on through a chip can diagnose a person as to if they are sick or not. This is pretty accurate. It would be nice if there were actual robots out there that can person an x-ray on you and then cure you all in one spot.
Minority Report is about a computer that can prevent a murder from actually happening. So basically this computer uses all its internal and external data and finds the killer before they kill them. A team of people work together to find this killer and it is much more effective and efficient to use this when deciding to arrest someone because they have the proof through the computer. The accuracy of this portrayal is accurate!
In Star wars the robot C P30 can translate many different languages. The robot would also communicate to the humans what they couldn't understand. This was an accurate portrayal of NLP.
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