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Medieval NIght

No description

John Bryant

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Medieval NIght

Double click anywhere & add an idea MEDIEVAL NIGHT MIDIEVAL NIGHT

SUMMARY A prince from a small village in Egypt meets a
beautiful girl that he quickly decides he wants to
be with and marry. They quickly fall in love, but will
they be able to stand the love or will something bad
happen? CHARACTER ANALYSIS PRINCE JOHN: He is a fun person, very competitive. He likes to make fun out of whatever he is doing at the time. Sometimes he lets love get in the way of his feelings and would want to just throw it all away. ASHANTI: She is really pretty. She is the super star of the village. She is kind of stuck up and wants to do what she wants to do and sometimes self centered. She wants a guy who can take care of her but she doesn't know how to really treat one. She finds love but always tosses it out the window PURPOSE DRIVEN What drove me to write a movie
like this is because of the previous
movies that i have seen and really liked.
I really enjoyed the movies; "New Moon",
"Avatar", and "Dear John". All of these
movies had action and a love story behind it.
the movies attracted a lot of viewers. I am
expecting my movie to do the same because
it has to do with love and people enjoy the
love tales.
Experiences I had major experiences with
writing my movie. The scripting
was a little challenging. My movie
came out to be longer than everybody
else's, so I had to shorten it. Written and Directed by
John Bryant
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