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Super Bowl Advertising Project for Cars.com

Strategic Marketing Class

Susie Kim

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Super Bowl Advertising Project for Cars.com

Cars.com - Superbowl Ad 2014
Strategic Marketing UCLA
Executive Summary
Economic Analysis
Economic Analysis
Strengths & Weaknesses
Sales Analysis
Marketing Plan
Marketing Objectives
Marketing Strategies
Advertising Strategies
Digital Media / Mobile Strategies
Monitors, Controls, Contingencies for Plan A
Monitors, Controls, Contingencies for Plan B
Thank you.
Team 4
Cars.com was launched in 1998 and is a division of Classified Ventures, which is owned by five leading media companies including A.H. Belo Corporation and Gannett Co.

The company has 12 million monthly visitors and has partnerships with 200 newspapers and television stations and listings for 2.5 million vehicles from 16,000 dealers.

Car.com's sales increased from $320,969 in 2010 to $433,237 in 2012.
Single Dealer Ad Cost was $60 and there is no cost to shoppers.

With the majority of current customers and primary prospects being males and females of younger generations between ages 18 to 34, advertising during the Superbowl would reach our target demographic, while extensive social media and mobile device marketing will also increase the reach and interactions.
After a long period of struggle due to economic breakdown, in January 2013,
U.S. Auto sales climbed 14% from a year ago to a post recession high of 14.5 million.
According to Edmunds.com, the total April sales including fleet and government purchases will rise 10.4 percent compared with last year, while Kelley Blue Book predicts a more bullish year-over-year-jump in April, to 11.4 percent. TrueCar.com, meanwhile, anticipates a 10.7 percent rise.
Likely future strategies
Reputable - Has 11 million car shoppers monthly

Customers can write dealer reviews

Free webinars and workshops for customers at no cost

Online ad reports – competitors don’t have

Easy to navigate through the website
Has lots of competitors offering similar service
Not differentiated enough
Some shoppers like to go to dealerships
Have a market research team

Do international services and open up market globally

Increase mobile options

Partner with powerful car companies and offer exclusive services for them
Cars.com is the second largest automotive classified website, second to Autotraders.com with Autotraders.com enjoying total revenue of over $700 Million and cars.com getting a market share of about $400 million.

The online auto advertising between the two of them amount to about 1.1 Billion with almost another 1.1 billion being shared by other automotive websites.

Cars.com has also been ranked Highest Third-Party Automotive Website by J.D. Power and Associates when examining four key measures (in order of importance): information/content; navigation; appearance; and speed.

Autotrader Group Inc.

Internet Brands Inc.



Autobytel Inc.

Audience / Demographics
Who influences the buyer?
Where & when
do people buy?
Why Do Customers Need the Product? How do They Choose?
Ages 18-34 ($25-49K HHI)
Ages 25-54 ($50-74K HHI)
College Grad+
Has Kids
Motherproof conscious shoppers
Environmentally conscious shoppers
Car dealerships
Car Brand Companies




Personal Experience
October, November and December.

The days after Christmas and Thanksgiving 

Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends

Incentives at the end of the month

Guaranteed pricing online
through the dealership’s website
Finances options
Has Kelly Blue Book
Has dealers nearby
Reach over 10 million our fraud filters to protect car
Monitor how often your ad is viewed with the free ad report
Good gas and fuel mileage
Environmentally smart vehicles
Meets utility and functionality of consumer need
Increase the brand awareness of the local dealers by 20% within three months period.
Business to Business (B2B)
Increasing the awareness among the people who are willing to buy a new or pre-owned car by 15% with the Superbowl campaign focusing on the No Drama tagline.
Business to Customer (B2C)
TV super bowl spot for 30 sec
Significant teaser campaign a week before the game, so we can maximize exposure and generate lots of buzz (for less price)
Stadium fans creating brand awareness through branded cheering tools and banners .
Reaching local dealers to make special promotions related to the Superbowl.
Above the line strategy
Below the line strategy
Use different social media platforms to turn customers into contributors and generate word of mouth:
Twitter (countdown campaign), Google +, Facebook fan page, Youtube spot (AdBlitz), etc.

Create an interactive microsite for the Super Bowl campaign and connect them to the social media pages.

Create mobile apps specifically for the Superbowl campaign with teaser ads, interactive events, special promotions and introductions to other social media and the microsite.
Sales Information
Changes in economic conditions, could impact customers’ spending power and hit sales of products.
If a competitor cuts prices, set out the prices your team can offer to maintain the volume of sales.
Appoint a member of the sales team to keep the plan up to date by incorporating any new research or important information from the field.
Market Share
Continue to do research on increase views, customers numbers, purchases after super bowl
Net Income
Stay up to date on financial reports and track income and sales from commercial.
Utilize traditional advertising like online, social, newspapers, sponsorship, etc
If Superbowl commercial sales don’t go as planned then go back to traditional advertising (social, newspapers, online sales, T.V., dealers websites, sponsorship).

Review financial reports and have funds for plan B ready if commercial doesn’t produce expected sales.

Go back to advertising strategy that has worked in the past.
Social Media Discounts

Twitter hash-tag embedded in the TV ad to be used to give the end user a 2% discount during the Superbowl week.
Superbowl MSRP event
Special MSRP for cars.com users after Super bowl week.
Focus on the No Drama tagline
Media buying agency to start working on facebook ads campaign and its promoted media
Digital agency to be responsible for twitter interactive real time campaign
Prepare Press releases to talk about out Super-bowl ad
Teaser ad campaign that suggests consumers who are looking for a car to wait till the ad reveals.
Google Adwords campaign on YouTube.
Cars.com youtube channel to post the teaser and the TV ad.
Agreements to be done with Popular channel distributors on youtube for a more extensive reach among the youtube and other social media users.
Kajal Agarwal
Aybars Dayan
Suji Kim
Emir Kosif
Erin McGurk
Mira Nosseir
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