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Resume 101: Ten Tips to Create Your First Resume

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Alison Asher White

on 20 November 2018

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Transcript of Resume 101: Ten Tips to Create Your First Resume

Resume 101:
Ten Tips to Create
Your First Resume

Awards and Scholarships
Resume Skills
Don't revinvent the wheel, Google it!
Scholarships and Organization descriptions
Professional and Leadership Experience content
Create Effective Bullet Points
Bullet points should:
Be limited to 3-5 per entry
Highlight positive attitude & performance

Turn Job Duties Into Accomplishments

Add the result & benefit
Before: Responsible for supervising undergraduate researchers.
After: Supervised
7-12 undergraduate research students
each year who have all since gone on to graduate school in astrophysics, physics, or mathematics
Before: Completed first editing pass on articles.
After: Reviewed and evaluated 40-50 topical articles
per week
and made the decision to either pass articles to the editorial team or send articles back to authors for further revisions
Before: Responsible for chairing the Student Event Promotional Committee.
After: Chaired promotional
committee of 12
and presented marketing plans to an audience of
40 to 60 students
at weekly university senate meetings open to all
2,000 community members
Result & Benefit
Before: Created 20 client reports each month
After: Created and prepared
20 weekly
status reports to
ensure clients consistently received timely and complete information
E-Mail Address as a Marketing Tool
Last Name, First Initial_Resume_Month_Day_Year
Name your file smartly
Constantly Refresh It
Did you know that 76% of resumes are discarded for an unprofessional email address?
75% of qualified applicants are rejected by ATS programs because a resume was submitted in pdf form vs word
Make The Job Description Work For You!
Informal and Formal Work Experience
All Your Activities
Highlight your achievements
Employ statements not sentences
What sets you apart?
Use numbers
Word Usage
Dates/Spacing/Contact Info
accept (to receive)
except (to exclude)
all right (correct)
alright (this is not a word)
affect (to bring about change)
effect (result)
personal (private)
personnel (staff members)
role (a character assigned or a function)
roll (to revolve).
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