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Lenses - Physics

No description

Marco Moran

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Lenses - Physics

Physics Presentation Lenses What are lenses? Diverging Lens Diverging Lens Converging Lens Converging or Diverging? Image formation by Lens Lenses are made from transparent
glass or plastic

Used to magnify images or projects images into a screen

Can be shaped and polished to control how the light rays CONVERGE and DIVERGE
Thinner at the center , thicker at
the edges a parallel beam of light passing through it is caused to diverge or spread out. Thicker at the center , thinner at the edges a lens that converts parallel rays of light to converge to a focus and produces a real image. Image formed by a
DIVERGING Lens Defects in vision Chapter 30 Defects in vision Defects in Vision Astigmatism Nearsighted Defects of Lenses Aberrations Defects of Lenses Chromatic Aberration Defects of Lenses Spherical Aberration Image Formation by a Lens 1.Virtual Image Virtual Image 2. Real Image Real Image Common Optical Instruments The Camera The Telescope The Eye The Projector The Compound Microscope Key Features of a Converging Lens References dictionary.reference.com/browse/converging+lensarachnoid.com/raytracing/third_image.htmlvisual.merriam-webster.com/science/physics-optics/lenses/converging-lenses.phpvisual.merriam-webster.com/science/physics-optics/lenses/diverging-lenses.php
waiferx.blogspot.com/2013/01/presentation-lenses.html Camera Telescope Binoculars DIVERGING VS CONVERGING distortion in an image
produced by a lens The image is ALWAYS virtual, right-side up, and smaller than the object.

It makes no difference how far or how near the object is.

A diverging lens is often used used for the viewfinder on a camera The image is virtual when it is right-side up.

Ex: A diverging lens is often used for the viewfinder on a camera *You look through the lens in order to see it. A real image is upside down

Converging Lenses are used for
projecting pictures on a screen. Constructing Images thourgh Ray Diagrams Converging Lens
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