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Cultures of thinking History

No description

Ron Ritchhart

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Cultures of thinking History

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC Funding Site Time Frame Time Frame Time Frame Time Frame Site Site Funding Funding Funding Outcomes Outcomes utcomes Site Cultures of Thinking 1993 - 2000 McArthur Foundation Visible Thinking Artful Thinking Magnificient 7

Triadic Framework:
Ability, Inclination, Awareness Intellectual Character Patterns of Thinking David Perkins
Shari Tishman
Eileen Jay
Alan Andrade
Ron Ritchhart Harvard How do "great" teachers develop students' thinking dispositions? 2 States
6 Schools
3 Maths Teachers
3 Humanities 1 9 9 8 — 2 0 0 0 Spencer Foundation 8 Cultural Forces Outcomes The Big Six
Dispositions Thinking Routines Theory of
Character How can we design a program to promote the development of thinking dispositions? What do teachers need by way of support to make thinking more central in their teaching? Lemshaga Akademi
Sweden 2000-2005 Carpe Vitam Foundation International School of Amsterdam International School of Brussels American School of The Hague Thinking Ideals LAST Protocol 20 Thinking Routines Understanding Map How can the 8 Cultural Forces be used with the routines of Visible Thinking to enculturate thinking? O Ron Ritchhart David Perkins

Shari Tishman

Ron Ritchhart

Patricia Palmer Ron Ritchhart
David Perkins
Mark Church Mid Michigan COT Collaborative Oakland County COT Intiative Melbourne Grammar School Creating COT Program National Gallery Victoria xtending & Disseminating the Ideas Washington International School Marblehead School Distric, Massachusetts 2 0 0 5 —- 2 0 1 0 Melbourne University Teacher Preparation Abe & Vera Dorevitch
Bialik School Council The 8 Wants of
Professional Learning Communities Classroom Perception Survey Typology of Questions Language of the Classroom How can thinking routines be used to support arts integration? Shari Tishman, Patricia Palmer & Mark Church. 2004-2006 Traverse City, Michigan DOE Grant Ithaka Project Julie Landvogt, 2003-2009, MGS, MLC, Wesley College (and others) How can teachers study the development of IC in classrooms? How can we assess thinking dispositions? What are thinking dispositions? * * Idea of enculturation
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