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"Justin Bieber & his everyday life"

No description

Magda Nowakowska

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of "Justin Bieber & his everyday life"

"Justin Bieber & his everyday life"
Justin Bieber wakes up at 10 a.m. He is a sleeper. He loves sleeping!
Then he goes to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. He usually eats cereal with milk or toasts with cheese and ham. He drinks orange juice. But sometimes there isn't any food in the fridge, so he must go to the shop. Justin always buys sweets instead of something
Justin doesn't go to school, because he is 19 years old. However he goes to studio and he records songs for his fans (BELIEBERS).
In the afternoon, when he is at home, he eats dinner with family. But during his tour he eats dinner in restaurants or somewhere else.
In his free time he goes for a walk with his siblings or play with them. He also goes with his friends to the disco.
Justin Bieber takes part in charity. For example he visits sick children in hospitals. He makes them believe.
In the evening Justin often goes to the gym. He practises very hard. He' d like to be strong and athletic.
Justin goes to bed at about 12 p.m. At night he often reads letters from his fans and tweets on Twitter. He sometimes listens to music or composes new songs.
His history...
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