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Joyful Heart Foundation

Maria C. Katie F. Sonique M.

Maria Montes

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Joyful Heart Foundation

Joyful Heart Foundation History: Contact Information How To: Contact Information Donate
Become actively involved
Volunteer at events The Mariska Hargitay in 2004, she founded the organization to help survivors of sexual assault heal their minds, bodies and spirits and reclaim their lives.
Mariska Hargitay's role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit uncovered a new world for her.

She became aware of the epidemics of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Founder: SHE ASPIRED TO MAKE A CHANGE ... http://www.joyfulheartfoundation.org/contact.htm Email NEW YORK
Phone:(212) 475-2026
Fax:(212) 475-2033
Phone:(808) 531-3520
Fax:(808) 531-3718 Main Locations Website info@joyfulheartfoundation.org. become involved GEt tHE WORd OUt! Overall- Mariska discovered
One in three women report being physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their lives.
Every two minutes in the United States, someone is sexually assaulted.
Nearly four children die every day in this country as a result of child abuse and neglect. Up to ten million children witness domestic violence each year Bibliography: Other Info- Google Images &
http://www.joyfulheartfoundation.org/index.html http://www.youtube.com/user/joyfulheartfound?feature=watch SUBSCRIBE!
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