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Head Girl Application - Students.

What I believe I can Bring to the role of Head Girl.

Beth Rogers

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of Head Girl Application - Students.

What I Will Bring To The Role Of Head Girl Getting Your voice Heard... I want to give you a way to express your views. You should feel comfortable talking to me about anything to do with school life. I feel that I am approachable, and i could help you to solve any problems you may have. If you have and queries, problems or suggestions, I would be happy to relay these to a member of staff, and share with them your point of view or find out information. Anything you feel that the teacher should be informed of; or you feel needs addressing within the school, I will help to get your voices heard. As well as acting as a link between us students and the teachers. My Qualities... I am confident... Committed... Organsied... Approachable... Reliable... And responsible... But most of all, I want to find out what you want, and try and get it done. What I Aim To Do... Take an active role within the school. Represent our year group as best I can, following what I find people want. Speak up for what individuals within the school want. Help organise great events; eg: Prom! And organise fundraising events. Thankyou for listening =) Beth Rogers.
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