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Black Death Vocabulary

No description

Cassie Alvarez

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Black Death Vocabulary

Black Death Vocabulary Bubonic Plague Epidemic "Black Death"; a deadly disease carried by fleas on rodents that devastated the population of Europe in the mid-14th century. A rapidly spreading outbreak of disease that effects a large portion of the population. Pestilence A contagious or infectious disease that is devastating. Caffa Ancient port city on the Black Sea, believed the port from where the bubonic plague that devastated Europe originated. Today, it is called Feodosiya in Ukraine. Anti-Semitism Hatred, hostility, or discrimination of people of Jewish descent. Plague A destructive disease causing a high rate of mortality. Bubo An inflammatory swelling of a lymph gland, especially in the groin. Penitence To ask for forgiveness. Flagellant A person who whips him/herself to seek penance. Hope you get an A+!
-Emily H.
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