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College Football SWJCS

No description

Jamison Lewis

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of College Football SWJCS

Big Ten
The Big Ten is the oldest College Football Conference.Purdue's President was the founder.Now it has 14 teams, including Indiana, Purdue, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Iowa, Rutgers, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, and Maryland.
Here are some Facts about College Football!
The SEC has some of the best teams in college football, including Alabama Crimson Tide, LSU Tigers , Ole Miss Rebels, Mississippi State Bulldogs.That is just a few teams of the SEC.
Rose Bowl
The Rose Bowl used to be played by the champion of the Big Ten and the Champion of the PAC 12.Now it is played in the BCS tournament.
College Football
BCS Championship/Tournament
College Football
The Bowl Championship Series [BCS] Tournament is played between the top 4 teams in the country.The first was in 2015 in Arlington, Texas by Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, and Ohio State. Ohio State won.
The oldest Rival in College Football is The Little Brown Jug witch is played by Michigan and Minnesota.
The PAC-12 is one of the youngest conference in College Sports it started in the 1990s.Some big names are Oregon, Arizona, USC, UCLA
By Jamison Lewis
Other Conferences
Some other big names in College Football come from different conferences like the ACC, Big 12, and Big East. With teams like Notre Dame, Florida State, Louisville, Texas, and a lot more.
Other Bowls
Other bowls include the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Outback Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Capital One bowl, and Chickfil-
This was the produced by SWJCS Star Productions.
Music: Ergo Phizmiz Information: Football in the SEC by Greg Roza,
Football in the PAC-10 by Adam B. Hofstetter Football in the Big Ten by Gabriel Kaufman
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