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Shakespearean Comedy

No description

Laura Merryman

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Shakespearean Comedy

Shakespearean Comedy
Comedy Terminology
Deadpan Humor
Comedy, just like other genres, uses tools of the trade to create an overall effect.

Shakespearean comedy is more about a clash of two things; it may be a clash of cultures, genders, ideas, or social classes. This head-on confrontation often leads to humorous but life-affirming results. Tragedy, of course ends with death and sadness, or at the very least a thorough maiming.
Funny characters
make comedy
interesting &
Often improbable & unpredictable
Order & disorder
Appearance & reality
Fools & wise folk
Love and hatred
The courtly & the country
Usually in the past
Some exotic country
Not England
Playful and fun
Indicative of character
Comedic Devices

Satire & Parody
Satire tends to be more critical and scathing, while parody tends to be almost a tribute.
Improbable, Fantastic, Supernatural & Miraculous
The ending often has the main couple united in marriage and blissfully happy.
Harmony & Happiness & Order is Restored to the Universe!
The main action is about love.

coincidences & weird twists
divine intervention
convenient extra cousins

Knots get Unraveled
Seriously, problems get solved, mysteries become less mysterious, and generally, the guy gets the girl, even if he thought the girl was someone else. If the audience is really lucky there is a great big kiss! (Not this kind, but I liked the picture.)
The Workings of Shakespearean Comedy with Modern Examples
Could there be
more to this
comedy thing?

The Creepy & Unexpected!

and Bawdy & Innuendo
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