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Why You Should Consider Entomophagy

Foundations of Math 12 project

Mylinh Luu

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Why You Should Consider Entomophagy

Why You Should Consider Entomophagy
What are the benefits?
Insects are nutritional, tasty and a safe food source!
cheaper than fish or meat
ideal for a more balanced diet
avoid many of the problems associated with livestock
easier to raise and produce less waste
need less land to breed
cold blooded so they don't need as much feed
requires relatively little water
produce less greenhouse gases per pound of body weight
more humane
can raise them almost anywhere
can boost nutritional value of dishes
environmentally sustainable

How safe is Entomophagy?
You might already be eating insects!
average person consumes about a pound of insects per year
The FDA knows about this! (Food and Drug Administration)
most processed foods contain small amounts of insects
Peanut butter: can have ~30 insect parts per 100 grams
fruit juice: can have ~5 fruit-fly eggs and one or two larvae per 250 milliliters
we use many insect products to dye our foods
Staples like broccoli or canned tomatoes: can contain fragments and whole insects
Fig paste: can have ~13 insect heads in 100 grams
canned fruit juices: can contain a maggot for every 250 millimetres
Why do most of us not want to?
cultural bias and history
considered more as pests than food
reputation for being dirty and carrying diseases
What is Entomophagy?
Entomophagy is a diet of insects or the practice of eating them. It comes from the Greek term éntomos which means “insect(ed)” and phăgein, "to eat". It was first used around the 1950s.
"Red, orange yellow, forget this fellow.
Black, green or brown, wolf it down."
safe if purchase from a reliable source or raised by yourself
wild bugs may have come in contact with pesticides or other chemical sources
It's a good idea to cook the insects!
never eat mosquitoes
avoid eating brightly colored, hairy or spiny bugs
No worries, less than 0.5% known insect species are harmful to people, farm animals or crop plants and are safe to eat if raised under hygienic conditions!
Peanut butter: can have ~30 insect parts per 100 grams
Some insects you may have unknowingly eaten!
Caterpillars: frozen spinach
along with ~50 aphids, mites, and thrips allowed in 100 grams
Fruit Flies: can of citrus juice
~five fruit flies with every 8-ounce cup of juice
226.8 gram handful of raisins
~35 fruit-fly eggs
Maggots: canned food
~20 maggots allowed for every 100 grams of drained mushrooms
Corn Ear Worms: canned sweet corn
larvae, skins, and skin fragments allowed
Cowpea curculio: can of black-eyed peas, cowpeas, or field peas
~five or more cowpea curculio larvae
Fruit fly
Corn Ear Worms
Cowpea curculio
insects are high in fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber!
There is also an estimated 1,462 species of recorded edible insects according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
Sabah: 50+ species of edible insects were recorded
tropical areas: Asia
people harvest insects for food because they taste good
entomophagy is not a common practice in Malaysia

Ghana: winged termites are fried, roasted or made into bread
Cambodia: tarantulas=popular food sold to tourists
South Africa: insects are eaten with cornmeal porridge
in Mexico: agave worm= one of the most famous food insects; eaten on tortillas and placed in bottles of mescal liquor
Insects VS Meat
Places that Practice Entomophagy
Nutritional Value of some Insects per 100 grams
Compared to beef and fish
the end
embrace entomophagy!
eat bugs!(safely)
thank you for watching
By: Mylinh&eileen
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