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Ford Truck Brand Review

No description

Tatiana Drye

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Ford Truck Brand Review

Ford Trucks
"In 1903 with $28,000 in cash, Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company, whose automobiles changed how the world moved."
Target Audience
Household Income:
White/White Only
Natural Resources, Construction and Maintence Occupations, or other employed
Media Budget and Media Usage
Average Yearly Budget on F-Series: $15,733,800
2010*: $53,652,120
2011: $17,916,800
2012: $13,620,200
2013: $15,664,400
Media Usage from 2010-2013:
1. Network TV: $50,581,80
2. Magazines: $19,205,100
3. Cable TV: $15,576,900
4. Internet Displays: $6,785,100
5. Spot TV: $3,890,900
6. Business to Business: $3,864,100
7. Other: $948,600
by Tatiana Drye
-Ford Website
In the early days, production was small.
In 1908 The Model T, or "Tin Lizzie" was introduced
Within a decade, nearly half the cars in America were Model T's
Lead to the development of mass production methods
Ford succeeded in his mission to "produce an affordable , efficient and reliable automobile for everyone".
Advertisement Critique
"Go With The Leader"
Sales Trends
Sales for new Ford lightweight vehicles trended downward
Recession around 2008
Sales were dramatically lower than previous years
Increase in used-car sales lead to shortage
Shortage along with other factors led to increase of new vehicles in 2010
Total new light-vehicle sales rose by 13.4% in 2012
New light-truck sales rose by 8.3% and made up 49.8% of the total sales
"Built tough"
"Available in 10 tough models"
"King Ranch"
Magazine Types
Media Usage
General Editorial
Home Service
Newspaper Distributed

Media Usage
Cable TV
The History
Fox Soccer Channel
Discovery Channel
"Best Selling Truck"

All ads involve
stimuli that is geared
toward the male audience.
Successful in showing why trucks are better than competition
For future ads, I would suggest to follow the same trend but begin a product placement deal

Convincing Commercial
Catchy Song
Explains why Ford truck is superior to other trucks
Continuous use of "Leader" makes you believe Ford trucks are the leaders
Various settings and visuals like off-roading and the girl in the back of the truck are stimulating to the male target audience
Successful because it is straight forward and demands attention
Stomps the other competition
Targets audience
Since the visuals are quick, it persuades you to look into the truck more
Also makes you want to see more pictures of the truck
Straightforward and attention grabbing
Explains more about the F-150
Shows the many ways the truck can be used
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