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Prezi in the UK

No description

Chris Connick

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Prezi in the UK

The United Kingdom

Be a better presenter.
North West
Richard Newman

Director, UK Body Talk
We believe a natural human foot has all the technology you need to survive and thrive - it is the key for living happy and healthy lives. VIVOBAREFOOT exist to let you live, move, learn and play as if you were barefoot, all day, everyday. We are challengers of the norm and embrace ancient wisdom while applying modern technology to create innovative and truly revolutionary footwear.
Kesh Patel
Prezi has given us the flexibility to not only present our brand philosophy and educational message in a stunningly simple way, but also to do this wherever we are in the world via an elegant mobile app. Since embedding Prezi into the foundation of our training and education strategy, we have seen a huge rise in brand awareness from the level of the consumer through to the key influencer.

London based integrated PR and social media agency.
Kazoo PR
Managing Partner, head of business development and digital
Lydia Hoye
Using Prezi allows us to create great looking presentations, which have a fluidity about them that you can't get with other presentation tools. We are selling a creative idea and Prezi lets us to do this more meaningfully by emphasising key elements, linking concepts and bringing the idea to life. At a presentation, Prezi has helped my team 'tell the story' and engage with clients in a much more convincing way.

The first ever training and design company dedicated to Prezi.
For over 4 years we have been 100% focused on helping our clients stand out and have impact when presenting with Prezi. Prezi is not just a bolt-on to other services on offer; it’s what we do, know and love. Founded by the Prezi employee responsible for launching Prezi in the UK, France & Germany, and with official ‘Prezi Expert’ status – we are one of the few hand selected training and design providers officially recognised by Prezi for exceptional quality of service.
London, Newcastle, Glasgow.
Darwin Strategic is an institutionally held investment company operating through two distinct segments: Proprietary Investing and Liquidity Finance. We are growth company focused and actively seek high impact companies seeking expansion capital.
Chief Financial Officer at Darwin Strategic Limited
Kieran D'Silva
Prezi is a great way to present a company’s equity story to investors in a fresh and engaging way. We have had fantastic feedback from companies and the investor community alike. Utilising such innovative products is one of the many ways in which Darwin continues to drive change in growth finance.

The Prezenter
Bristol, UK
Design & Training
UK Body Talk
UK Body Talk train 5000 people per year, across 45 countries, on presentation, speech-making and communication.
Our independent UK experts offer professional Prezi training, custom prezi design, and more.
The Prezenter helps train individuals and businesses who want to take their presentations to the next level. With sessions that show you how to master the Prezi tool, and more importantly the Prezi mind-set so you can build powerful and engaging Prezis.
Head of Education at VIVOBAREFOOT
The key to a great presentation or speech is effective story-telling. Prezi ensures that you think about creating a central theme and a journey for your story. This helps the presenter, engages the audience and helps them remember far more information.
Cicero Grand Prize Award winner for best international speech-writer 2014.

West Midlands
Phil Jones

Managing Director, Brother UK Ltd
Brother UK Ltd
Brother is a worldwide technology and manufacturing company, with a presence in over 100 countries. Brother UK market a versatile product portfolio including Print, Collaboration, Digitisation and Mobile products and services.
Prezi continues to be the de facto application for maximum audience impact and interaction.  It never fails to deliver either from the cloud or direct from device, plus gives flexibility to keep changing your messaging right up to the moment you step on stage.  Essential in a fast moving world. It's also is a fantastic digital whiteboard to use for collaboration or strategic thinking giving a platform to synethise large amounts of information in one place.  One of my must have applications as a business leader and speaker.
Burnt Tree Vehicle Rental are one of the largest commercial fleet operators in the UK. Their clients range from individuals and small private businesses to major blue chip organisations and local authorities across England, Scotland and Wales.
Andrew Hill
We’re using Prezi in pretty much every facet of our business now, whether that’s to liven up internal presentations or for big pitches and also to display our product in a fresh and innovative way at exhibitions and events. It’s greeted by every audience in the same way when their first reaction is “wow”!

It works particularly well for us when we’re trying to illustrate technical detail on a vehicle, being able to zoom into a lift or refrigeration unit to talk more specifically about how we modify our customers’ vehicles to suit their needs has been incredibly powerful.

Marketing Manager at Burnt Tree Vehicle Rental
Design for both online and offline media that balances the commercial requirements of clients with the need to create impact.
Asif Choudry
Prezi has enabled me to unleash my inner creative side when it comes to presenting. I love the ability to showcase content creatively and it's inspired me to take my presenting style to a whole new level.

Proppelernet do lots of things well including SEO, PPC, social media, conversion optimisation and content marketing. Particularly for travel, retail, fashion, finance and B2B clients.
Academy Director
Helen Mclane
We have a 100% Pitch rate when we’ve used Prezi – and have also supported our clients with internal presentations using prezi. We love the fact that it allows us to tell a compelling story without death by powerpoint.

Sales & Marketing Director
Prezi Training & Design UK
The Prezenter
Company description here...
McCann Complete Medical
Manager, Presentations Support, McCann Complete Medical
Jude D’Souza
At McCann Complete Medical our clients are some of the biggest names in global pharmaceuticals and consequently expect us to help them stand out from the crowd at major international medical congresses. In an industry suffering from death by PowerPoint, Prezi allows us to offer a unique opportunity to re-engage with audiences bored by dry, data-heavy scientific presentations in which crucial points are often buried. Prezi helps us transform this content into engaging visual journeys that can reinforce key messages. This has led to us also employing Prezi for some clients’ internal communications, breaking down complex strategy into a clear narrative that can reinvigorate their messaging. Plus, as a visually appealing way to tell a story, Prezi has also proven a valuable tool for selling our own offerings.


As a motivational speaker, I aim to always deliver informative and entertaining talks. Prezi gives me the exciting functionality and flexibility I need to be able to create dynamic, media-rich and surprising presentations. I find ‘Prezi Desktop’ especially helpful, as I can create and edit my presentations on my laptop wherever I am. Prezi allows me to incorporate humour and information into what I do, via a content-rich mix of video, sound effects and impactful visuals. This allows me to give presentations that are both memorable and also move people to change, affecting both people’s lives and the bottom lines of companies, in a hugely positive way.

Motivational Speaker, Novelty Gift Entrepreneur and Author
The presentations I deliver are about 'creativity', 'innovation in business' and 'how to think differently' in order to obtain huge success. My audio-visual talks interweave stories from my life about the successes (and challenges!) I've encountered in the gift industry and elsewhere, and cover the areas of 'How To Have A Great Idea' , 'Why Innovation Is Vital', 'Launching A Product On The Internet', 'How Good Design Can Bond You To Customers' and 'Why Creativity Is The New Power'.
Prezi Training & Design UK
Training & Design Services
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