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St. Bernard

No description

Annalise Shupe

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of St. Bernard

St. Bernard The Gentle Giant St. Bernard's are.. powerful gentle steady sweet friendly they are fun to... play in the snow and in tall grass with comes from the Mastiff family used for herding but that changed People soon found out the
dogs had an ability... to find lost people in the snow they saved 3,000 lives in 300 years Coat smooth rough color of coat red and white markings white with red markings or white with a mix of colored patches. St. Bernard health concerns Hip Dysplasia Arthritis Hot-spot condition Congenital heart defects Bloating Features head short muzzle and head is big has wrinkles The ears are off the head then
droop they stay by the head tail is long and is carried low big strong gentle friendly dependable great with kids mellow traits Statistics weight 100-200 lb height 24-28 in (at shoulder) History Thanks for watching By:Annalise Shupe The End!
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