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young afghan brides

No description

kahynan akers

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of young afghan brides

Young brides in Afghanistan History Fathers in Afghanistan have forced their daughters into marriage to pay off debts. Its a common practice that a girl is flogged if they run away from their much older husband. Created By: Kahynan Akers Cord Harring And Steven Thurston Introduction Girls in Afghanistan have been abused for over thirty years! We think girls in Afghanistan should not be forced into marriage, because it discriminates against women rights, causes girls to have children under age sixteen, and lets the men take over. Also... Child brides causes an unbalance in the Afghan society. Parents do not always want their child to
be forced into marriage, they just have to. The government has only changed the law that girls
have to be at least 16 to get married. If older men want to get married to a girl under
16 they don't get a marrige certifcate making it a improper marriage. Young girls are being forced into marriage at the age of
7 to 11. Causes Girls can almost not break free of forced marriges. If they do break free and get caught they get flogged. A main cause of this problem, is that girls parents are selling their daughters for one less mouth, to feed. Girls are forced into marrige to help pay off
there brothers crime. The young girls are sold to other men for drugs, money and animals, like cows. A child with no education will be sold due to their parents feeling ashamed. The life expectancy of a girl in Afghanistan is 44 years old. Statistics And Quotes 80 percent of the marriges in Afghanistan are
forced marriges. "I don't call it marriage, I call it stealing children."
Says Anonymous person. "Girls who go through child marriages don't devolope right, mentally or physically." Says UNICEF advisor. Out of a hundred girls, fifty-seven are child brides, in a average town. Solutions Tried By Others In 2001 the WAW launched a child support center. The WAW gave medical support such as drugs, and pain killers. The WAW hold shelters and support centers for kids who escape. The WAW builds dome schools made out of thin sheets of metal. Our solutions We wan't to rasie money to make shelter's We want to make money to have a food drive. Our group want to send a letter to the Afghanistan goverment to stop this issue. Enlarge Stephanie Sinclair/New York Times Magazine
Majabin Mohammed, 13, at left, sits with her husband of six months, Mohammed Fazal, 45. Village elders advised him to accept Majabin as payment for a gambling d0 Many men have more than three wives and at least two are child brides. Our Conclusion In conclusion, we should stop child brides, because the girls are discrimanated against by there own parents, causes them to have kids under age sixteen and look thirty years older then they should be, and aloys men to treat them like dirt and take control. So we should help stop child brides, because by donating one doller we can save tons girls from this awful fate. Speak for the girls who can't! Help the girls now! Sources 1.http://www.worldvision.org/resources.nsf/main/early-marriage.pdf/$file/early-marriage.pdf



4.http://teacher.scholastic.com/scholasticnews/magazines/junior/pdfs/JUNIOR-022811-COVERSTORY.pdf Map Of Afghanistan
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