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My Personal Learning Environment

No description

Joe Baxter

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My Personal Learning Environment

My Personal
Learning Environment Facebook Wikipedia Medpedia Google YouTube PubMed University Of Leeds VLE Student Consult University Of Leeds Portal With an email account
making communication
between lecturers/other
students very easy, the
portal also shows the
latest module updates
and weekly timetables.
Meaning this is the
benchmark tool for
keeping on top of your
studies. Contains lecture
support material such
as lecture slides, further
information. Also it has
quick access to useful
things like module
handbooks and lecturer
contact information. Aswell as having many funny and highly distracting
videos, YouTube has a lot of very informing and useful
ones too! These are a good learning aid as instead of
just reading a text book you are taking in audiovisual
information, which is a lot easier to retain. Google is the biggest and most comprehensive search engine on the World Wide Web. If you search for it, chances are, you'll find it! A website comprising of, literally, millions of lifescience and
biomedical science journal. Access to these is useful for general
research, whether for revision purposes or to use as references
within lab reports. A free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
Wikipedia is very useful as, like google, it contains
information on almost everything. Similar to Wikipedia, Medpedia is a free online
encyclopedia running on a collaborative 'Wiki'
system. However, this website shares medical
information only making it more specific and
easier to find what you're looking for. A Student Consult account is given for free with the purchase of Medical Sciences (Naish et. al.)
and gives extra content that isn't included within the book and multiple choice question which
are a another good revision aid. This is a social networking tool, used primarily to
socialise with your friends, share photo's, videos
etc. Unless you have no friends, or are that
annoying that everyone ignores you then Facebook
can be used to your advantage - from creating and
joining groups to share information about certain
scientific topics to, simply, seeking help from your
friends when you are stuck with something!
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