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Mythology in Modern Life

40 references to mythology in modern day life

Katie Mejia

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Mythology in Modern Life

Venus Razors Venus was the goddess of love Aphrodite Olympics The Olympics were named after Mount Olympus where the greek gods live Trojan Condom The Trojan war was fought between
the city of Troy and the Greeks Pluto Pluto was also known as
Hades the god of the
underworld Mercury Milan Mercury was known
as Hermes the messenger
god of Zeus Mars Mars is known as Ares the god of war Trident gum Trident was Poseidon's
tool to rule the sea Titanic The Titanic was a huge ship
whose name is similar to
the Titans who were
strong and powerful Nike shoes Nike was known as a
winged goddess who
was very victorious Atlas map Atlas was known as
giant in greek mythology Mobile Gas Mobile's symbol is
a winged horse. Hercule's
had a winged horse named
Pegesus Pandora Radio Pandora was the name
of the curious girl
who opened the box
filled with the bad things
in the world Saturn Cars Saturn was the name for
Zeus's father Poseidon the movie Poseidon was the
god of the sea Apollo was the god
of light and truth Apollo Amazon.com Amazon is the race
of warrior women Odyssey is a long
trip like Odysseus
took Space Odyssey Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix was a bird
that burns itself
and then can be reborn
dating website Cupid is a god of
love Hercules tires Hercules was a
famous hero of
the gods Apollo Theatre Apollo was the
Godof light
and truth Hermes soap Hermes was
the messenger
god Jupiter Jupiter is known
as Zeus the god
of the heavens Ajax cleaning supplies Ajax was the name
of a greek warrior
who "cleaned up" Fraternity's at colleges
ues greek names Achilles heal is
a medical term Achilles was a Greek hero
who had one weak spot,
his heal Nemesis was a greek god
who was known as the
goddess of revenge Star Trek Nemesis Honda Odyssey The Odyssey was
an epic poem
Aurora Aurora was
the goddess of
the dawn
Juno the movie Juno is another
name for Hera
the wife of Zeus Mars Candy Mars is the
god of war Vulcan Industry Vulcan is known as Hephaestus the
God of fire Aegis-group Aegis was Zeus's
protective shield Midas Muffler shop Everything Midas
touched turned
to gold Minerva oil Athena was the battle
goddess Orion picture company
produced movies until 1998 Orion was slained
by Artemis Spartan Nutrition Greek Warrior State a Charon is a boat
that takes souls to
the underworld www.charon.com Parthenon is the
temple of Athena Parthenon is the
name of many Greek
restaurants Medusa cement company Medusa was a monster
who would turn you to
stone if you looked at her Mythology in Modern day life Katie Mejia
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